Runeclaw back in the day in her Deviant gear in her usual "What?" pose.

Pathia "Runeclaw" Wildmane
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Faction Horde


Runeclaw is best described as a ragamuffin. She often appears in various states of disarray from hoof to horn, but she is not to be mistaken as someone lacking hygiene. Her mane is littered with fragments of flora, and there are scattered nature fetishes about her person. Feathers, claws, and teeth are randomly attached to her armor, braids, and neck resulting in a discordant mess. She walks with the confidence of youth and a bouncy step that goes well with her buoyant personality. She is not particularly tall nor particularly short, but her build is well-muscled and speaks of the hours she must spend honing her skills and traveling on foot.


Pathia "Runeclaw" Wildmane hails from a small village in Feralas where she has lived in seclusion with her family and extended tribe. After going through the ceremony to mark her passage into adulthood and being given the name Runeclaw by tribal elders, she traveled to Thunder Bluff to learn the ways of the Druid instead of the usual path of the Hunter taken by her close kin. She is an ordinary woman with an optimistic outlook on life. She has strong ties to her family and often can be found writing long letters to her older brother.

Goals and Motivations

Her only goals and motivations right now are to do her absolute best with her life in order to honor her family.


She is a people watcher and sometimes skulks about in prowl in order to accomplish this.

Her entire life seems to be a study in serendipity.

She means well but strange snafus seem to happen around her frequently.

Public knowledge and rumors

Runeclaw is currently rumor-free and much too ordinary to be talked about in public.

OOC Information

From February 2008 to February 2013, Runeclaw was a member of the Ravenholdt US realm. As of February 2013, Runeclaw transferred to Wrymrest Accord US. After a year there, she had once again moved, this time to The Venture Company in January 2014. A second Runeclaw still exists on WrA in a sort of alternate reality version of the original.

Armory Page

Adventures of a Dragglehoof


Runeclaw and Malachite, her emerald whelpling.


Runeclaw's cat form during the transition to savagekin.

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