Peatrie Popperwidge
Guild The Gnome Crusade
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance

General Information

  • Name: Miss Peatrie Popperwidge
  • Age: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Professions: Tailoring and Skinning
  • Languages: Gnomish and Common


  • Battle Gnome of The Gnome Crusade
  • The Wandering Warlock


Abandoned in the woods as a wee one, it was happenstance that led Peatrie to be found and taken in by an elderly man who had been wandering through the forest on his way to his secluded hovel. He lived away from the general populace of the area, due to his practices of what the locals called "dark arts". He gave her the name Peatrie, as he had found her without identifying papers or such, of any kind. With great affection, the aging warlock watched over her, teaching her the things that would eventually help her to become self-reliant, such as his talent for crafting his own clothing and of course he shared with her his passion for the shadows, fire and demonic power.

Upon his deathbed, he granted her the few meager possessions he had and they shared a tearful farewell. She remained there for a count of three days, mourning his passing. After a last look at the home she'd known and grown to love, she went forth to put her mark on the world.


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