Perceiving is an old draenei profession resembling our world's psychology. Very few take this path and the Perceivers are highly revered. The draenei are very discreet about the Perceivers, and it is highly unlikely that anyone who does not have an intimate relationship with the culture knows about their existence.


Perceivers tattoo their fingertips black, seemingly dipped in ink. The permanency of these markings symbolize the Perceiver's eternal plight, and reminds the client that everything said in session remains confidential. Even if a Perceiver chooses to change trade, they still bear the markings and ethics of their old profession.


The Perceivers do not charge any open fee for their work. As such, custom reccomends the client pay in whatever way possible. This might entail offering one's own trade, giving a gift or a cash donation, or simply praising the Perceiver's deeds in public. Because of this system, even the most underprivileged in draenei society can access a Perceiver's services.

Known Perceivers

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