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Is The Shadow Council faction in-game and this the same thing?

No! As there are notng in the Lore that proves that Gu'dan ever said to Kil'jadean: "Im your survent do whit me as you will!" And the whery fakt that Gu'dan planed to steal the Eye of Sargeras to become a living god indicate that he never had much lojelty to the Burning Legion.

Thos in this storyline the six closest followers of Gul'dan proformd a rit under the second war that bund there spirits to one another even in death to make them stronger then mera mortals. And now this seven dark spirits are looking for a way back to the living. Thos they have chosen a few mortals to be there avatars in this plane.

The so-called "Shadow Council" that exists in-game did (acording to this storyline) join the Legions forces only after the death of this grand masters.

What is the goal of the New Shadow Council?

OOC: it is to have fun RPing. And creat a good feeling of evil and make dark plots together agenst our enemys (Whom ever they may be). IC: it warys from member to member but as a whole if I was to generalize I would say we want to conqer/destroy/reshape the Word and become a dark power in our own right.

Is it ok if I ask you guys some questions about NSC?

No! Not going to happen!

Only joking.... Yes of course you can. And we will try and answer them as well as we can ^^

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