Quadron Cryptwalker
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance

General Information

  • Age: 120
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Language: Common, Gnomish, Demonic and Orcish.
  • Current condition:


You can read more of Quadron's past from Chronicles of the Deadraiser.


Generally, an old, otherwise, average looking gnome. Usually wears black or purple robes.

  • Height: Average gnomish height, slightly shorter because of his age.
  • Body type: Average gnomish one, slightly lighter because of his age.
  • Hair colour: Black, started to gray because of his age.
  • Eye colour: Hazel, started to fade because of his age.
  • Other features: Sometimes wears dark, worn-off gloves. If not, faint, symbol-like scars can be seen on his both palms.

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