World of Warcraft Roleplay

RP-PVP describes a server that has both RP and PVP rule sets.


RP-PVP means that this is a Role playing server but with game mechanics of a PVP server (unlike the first RP servers which have a PVE rule set ).

RP-PVP realms fully follow the RP Realm Policy and are under no circumstances to be considered as "RP or PVP", as a large amount of the non-roleplaying population, unfortunately, seems to think.

RP-PVP realms are roleplaying realms with "player versus player" mechanics. The largest visible sign of difference between PVP and PVE realms is the fact that the PVP flag is automatically turned on in all Contested Territory, allowing for more realism and unavoidable risk of hostile interaction with the opposing faction.

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