This is a story I am working on, it is fairly long and I am not quite done yet. Feel free and give your thoughts to me.

The Rage of the Shadow Moon By: Arrian Eftekhar

Upon the Shoulders of Elune


wail was heard throughout the Laboring Hall, a new son of Elune is born. He was dubbed the name Dal’diem Moonblade (after a Great Druid master), Dal’diem was born with a trait unusual to Kal’dorei, for he bore Azure eyes. The Ancient Druidic Masters were dumbfounded; they did not know what this unusual sign meant. As a child Dal’diem was a secluded kal’dorei child, and did not befriend anyone in his Ancient Lore classes. The only peace Dal’diem ever found was in the deep forests of Northern Kalimdor, the brisk whisk of wind picking up around his body, he heard the beasts indigenous to the region, the birds and hares skitter away. He walks slowly through the forest, trying to sneak up on nearby critters Dal’diem would attempt to catch the critters before they had a chance to scurry away.
           On his trip through the forest he would consistently come across another young Kal’dorei, who would just sit under a tree and rest, never moving always in the same spot. Not this time when Dal’diem attempted to sneak up on a forest Rabbit he tripped over the young Night elf boy’s leg. The boy awoke immediately he leapt back knocking away leaves and scaring the rabbit away; once he had landed he attacked Dal’diem with a swift jab to his jaw. After his quick attack he left as suddenly as he attacked. Dal’diem was still in astonishment as to what had just happened to him. 
Subsequent to that assault Dal’diem regained his composure he continued his way through the forest, the sun was slowly going down. His shadow slowly blends into the shadows of the forest. The sounds of the forest echoed from tree to tree, the sound of the night is always calming to the Kal’dorei. A quiet rummaging was heard quietly coming from a nearby bush; a scurrying critter ran through the path it hopped over a rock and into the bush across from Dal’diem. The trees seem to fall into the path covering most of the violet sky. 

The wispy pale blue clouds scattered throughout the sky, perched over head, seemingly motionless. The Goddess Elune residing over the White Lady, the moon floating over head in Azeroth, is glowing emitting the only visual light. The moon light wraps around the trees and rocks of Kalimdor, and even Dal’diem feeling the faint incandescent glow of the Goddess Elune’s beauty. The Well of Eternity’s vibrant pulsation of light now glowing with more- immensity, the Well of Eternity filling the Kal’dorei, with the energy and even changed them from what they once were. Dal’diem slowly making his way down the path to his home, along the way he notices a large figure facing the moon. This figure is great and has the bulky muscular body of the Kal’dorei, and has the powerful lower half of a Stag. As Dal’diem makes his way closer to the figure, he notices long green hair resembling leaves, his skin a vibrant purple, the two horns he bore on his head resembled that of a moose, his right hand appears like it’s covered in bark. “Ah, young Moonblade what are you doing out right now, don’t answer that, you are right it is a beautiful night. How did I know that? Well Master Moonblade that is just common knowledge, you know I have always loved the night.” The great image was Cenarius, he spoke in a quiet tone that was comforting but powerful. Dal’diem just nodded his head to tense to answer, just awe struck at the fact that the great demigod even knew his name. The powerful figure opened his mouth once more, “If you do not mind Master Moonblade I would quite enjoy walking with you at this hour of night. Would you like that?” Dal’diem just nodded his head and they continued walking. The great demigod summoned a bouquet of Night Blossoms and handed him to Dal’diem with a smile on his wise face. The flowers began to pulsate a luminous light resembling that of the moon. “You know these are one of my favorite flowers, right there. Did you know one of their names is Elune’s blessing, but their technical name is Laf’ laquis meaning Moon branch, they make me feel close to my mother.” The powerful Demigod looked up at the Moon once he finished. Dal’diem mustered up the bravery to ask, “Y-You’re mother sir?” Cenarius looked down at the child with a smile on his face, the moon beating down on him showing the lines of wisdom on his face. His horns brushing against the lower hanging twigs from the trees, he opened his mouth, “Ach, yes I guess you haven’t learned that quite yet, but now you’ll be ahead of the class.” Another quick smile breaks across his face, “Well The Goddess Elune is my mother, she birthed me, my father Malorne was of this world and kept me at his side since my mother believed I fit in this world more. But I still feel her love from the glow of the moon. The moons light seeming to follow the two down there path in the forest. The leaves brushing along the path, the hooves of Cenarius quietly clamping through the forest; the only abrupt sounds are those of the dead leaves crackling and twigs snapping under the feet and hooves of the two travelers. The home of Dal’diem can now be seen in the distance at the bottom the nearby rise, “That is my home sir…” Dal’diem closed his mouth and put his head down, “You have no reason to put your head down my young master, I want to give you something.” Cenarius conjures a small chain from his right hand that has a small glowing emerald amulet in a spiraling Silver locket. “That is my spirit young master, now do not tell any of the other young Kal’dorei’s I only have one of those and I sense something special about you- alright young Master, now do not disappoint me. Now there is something special about this amulet my son, it carries my essence now when I fall you will know, so you may always guard me.” Cenarius finishes his sentence with his hand on his shoulder. “But, sir you will probably out live me, no disrespect but you are a demigod. You are all powerful.” Dal’diem with a look of uncertainty upon his face, Cenarius looks down at Dal’diem face now serious, “There is always someone more powerful, but I am the heart of the land, so I will not fall in the hearts of my kin.” Dal’diem went into his home, now bearing two presents from the great demigod himself. He went into a dark candle lit room where is father was perched motionless on a wooden beam, he looked at his son, “Well hello my son, Ishnu’allah, where were you at this hour?” Dal’diem looked down, his eyes blue reflection down onto the chest. His hair hanging low silver and glowing faintly itself, “Father I was conversing with Cenarius, on my trip home-. “ His father interrupted him, “Oh Cenarius, the great Demigod of the forest! Now please do not lie to me my son.” Dal’diem was upset at the fact that his father of all people didn’t believe his story, no matter how farfetched it was. “You’re son is not fibbing to you Master Moonblade, your son shared my company on the trip home, I do apologize for the trouble but you understand, your son is a special person indeed.” A loud booming voice of Cenarius came into the house from nowhere. Dal’diem’s father Rubrar quieted himself and waved for his son to go to his sleeping room. Dal’diem laid his head down on his mat, amulet glowing upon his chest. His breaths deep and consistent, looking up at his roof his thoughts became scattered, he wanted to know what Cenarius meant when he said, I was meant for greatness. These thoughts stayed in his mind until morning, his eyes began to glow violently his room began to shake abruptly but stopped suddenly and he fell to the ground and lay comatose for a while. His father came in when he heard the noise; he was near awe struck at the sight of his son twitching on the floor. His father ran to his side and began channeling a spell of rejuvenation, but nothing seem to work. Rubrar in haste picked up his son and ran out of his house, jolting through the forest dodging trees and animal alike. The trees were passing by so fast that they began molding into a single shape; the sun was beating down on Rubrar’s dark green hair. Dal’diem strewn still unconscious on his father back, unresponsive to all that is around him, his skin is cold and is now changing color, the once vibrant royal purple has now become a pale teal. Rubrar, quickly ran towards the village of Zin-Azshari neighboring the Well of Eternity, the Light growing nearer. A bear came across the path of the tense father, “I do not want to end your life, majestic creature so move now!” The bear began to charge at Rubrar, paw now rose to strike at the Night Elf. "Bandu Thoribas! Creature of the forest,” Rubrar channeled the spell of Wrath and once the bear was in striking distance he let loose his spell on the rabid animal knocking it- back onto its side, it arose quickly with another quick swipe, but Rubrar ducked out of the way and ended the bears life with a blade into its heart that has been enchanted with elemental magic. "Ande'thoras-ethil mighty bear, but I have a quest, which needs to be finished.” Rubrar began to sprint through the thicket of trees and lands near a small village neighboring a lake. “My brothers I need a Nightsaber to journey my son to the village of Zin-Azshari neighboring the Well of Eternity, he is ill with unknown magic.” A Night Elf with short pink hair bowed his head in respect and quickly showed Rubrar to the fastest Saber they had stabled. “Take this Saber, Rah’shal is his name, treat him with pride and respect and he will get you to your destination faster than any Saber in all of Kalimdor.” The pink haired Night Elf let loose his Saber his eyes glowed with a vibrant yellow, his coat a powerful black with white stripes. He quickly wheeled around still in motion Rubrar leapt onto his back and charged without hesitation into the forest. The Saber leaping from river bank to river bank, and stone to stone, the Well of Eternity growing closer still. Rah’shal eyes glowing with a determination seeming as is he felt the determination inside of Rubrar. Rah’shal took the path through a large fallen hallowed tree, when in there they began to be attacked by a group of Giant Spiders. “Get thessse Intruderssss! They cannot be allowed to leave thisss place!” Shouted the largest of the spiders (obviously the chief of the tribe), they began to spin their webs around Rubrar and Rah’shal, “No you will not stop me!” The angered Night Elf let loose a violent spell unto a group of Spiders; meanwhile Rah’shal began tearing the Spiders with his claws and fangs. Rubrar dismounted from the Saber and began fighting diligently alongside the powerful Saber, Rubrar unsheathed his blade keeping his son on his back, and constantly making sure he is safe. He swung his blade with such skill and precision that the spiders nary laid a hand upon him. The battle became for more violent the number of spider never wavering. Rubrar began slicing a getaway route for them to take. The darkness of the tree made it near impossible to see even for a Night Elf, the walls were covered in webbing and skeletons of fallen Night Elves. Rubrar’s leather clad robe, covered in enchanted leaves from the crown of other Forest Keeper was covered in the Webbing of the giant spiders; his gloves began to deteriorate from the acidic blood of the spiders, his face scarred now from the excess and constant spilling of Spider blood upon his face. The darkness still enshrouding the laughs of the Spiderlord, “You foolish Kal’dorei, Chak-k-k-k you will not make it from here, not alive at least Ha kch-k-k-k-k!” An envenomed quill fired from the shadows, and struck Rubrar in the leg. He let out a loud yell but he did not let up he kept fighting with the vigor of a young Saber, he never stopped never quit. He conjured a spell off Wrath and began firing nonstop, he also began casting Moonfire in succession taking out multiple spiders, there falling corpses crimping up leaving nothing but twitching dead cadavers on the ground. “You will not hold me here Spiderlord!! I must save my son!” Rubrar let loose a powerful orb of Druidic energy surrounding his body at let it lose upon the army of spiders! Most of the spiders scattered away leaving only the spider king and a few trusted followers, “My brothersss and Sssissstersss were weak-kk-k now you will sssee the true power of the Ssspidersss! Attack-k-k my k-k-kin!!” In a loud hissing call of battle the rest of the spiders and the Spiderlord began to attack Rubrar with its poison drenched mandibles, Rubrar dodging every attack and countering with a quick swipe of his own. The battle was long and arduous with no signs of wavering. Rah’shal still fighting a large group of Spiders on his own, quickly swiping down one spider with powerful claw crushing his abdomen, he leaps onto another spider and tosses into the other. Rubrar in a moment of desperation puts his son onto the back of Rah’shal, “Take him to Zin-Azshari, keep him safe, and take care of him for he will take care of you.” Rubrar’s vison begins to wane as the venom of the Spiderlord takes effect, but nothing will stop this Master Druid. Rah’shal nods his head in understanding and bolts quickly from the Spiders Den, leaving Rubrar to fend for himself, his dark blood trickling down his neck and face. He casts one last mighty spell and all goes white in the den, only screams of agony can be heard. Rah’shal now running even faster to Zin-Azshari, leaving any foe behind, keeping a constant vigil over Dal’diem’s unmoving silent pale body, Rah’shal begins to bolt through a large bush. The heavy panting coming from the powerful breaths emitted from the jowls of the powerful Saber. With the sun nearly going down, the sky is turning purple, stars showing through the thin drape of day. The moon beginning to raise higher into the sky, seeming to watch over Dal’diem, Elune’s power seemed to replenish any fatigue Rah’shal held within him. Rah’shal entered the borders of Zin-Azshari and quickly made it to the haven of the Druids. Many Druids looked in speculation upon the ailment of the young Night Elf, the eyes of Dal’diem began to fade slowly now pulsating in and out darkness. His breaths became slow and shallow, and slowly began wavering until it was near nothing. Cenarius came to the side of Dal’diem, “Hmmm, I feel an interesting energy emitting from young Master Moonblade. This may take me some time to fix.” Cenarius knelt down and put his mouth to the ear of the unconscious Night Elf and, began whispering ancient words in his ear. Cenarius grabbed Dal’diem’s limp wristed hand, and teleported to his own private quarters. Cenarius’s study looked like a heavily thicketed forest with glowing orbs circling the trees. The trees began to wave as if they were breathing; the branches began to move as if they were commuting with one another. The trees themselves began to grumble and murmur to one another. The air in this room was so pure, almost to pure to even breathe and even though there was no wind in this small thicket the air seemed to move and circle you and entrench your soul. The room was brightly lit with floating candles laid on colorful leaves and a lillypad. The glowing orbs resembles that of wisps, the ancient souls of passed Night Elves, there glowing ethereal bodies seemed sad but left him comfortable. Cenarius began to communicate with the bodiless spirits. Cenarius looked down at Dal’diem’s body, he waited for a moment, and then he whispered to the Wisps to circle the unconscious Night Elves body. He began to channel a spell of renewing he used the powers of Nature and forced a wave of pure Druidic energy into Dal’diem’s body. The spell had no effect on him; it just achieved rocking his body some. “Hmm how peculiar, this magic is different and far more powerful than I expected…Let me check some of these scrolls.” Cenarius grabs an ancient scroll and begins to read, “Now let me see here, the energy emitting from this boy’s body is Pure Arcanic, interesting. Now it says here that these chants with some of my energy will cure this boy, Huh very interesting.” The demigod began to chant an unknown language and then channeled his powerful energy and forced it into the body of Dal’diem. When the spell reached the core of the Night Elves body, he began to seizure uncontrollably. His eyes and mouth glow a powerful and vibrant blue, soon following his nails and hair began to glow. The young Kal’dorei began to float and soon fell to the floor violently. Dal’diem groaned and slowly unsettled his body, the young Night Elf soon comfortably fell asleep. Cenarius picked up the child and rested him on his back as he walked back to the Barrow Den of the druids. Cenarius beckoned the group of aspiring Druids, “The boy will be just fine, but take care of him and let him rest for now.”

The Culling of Misunderstanding 10,000 years later

A powerful and muscular Dal’diem began darting quickly through the village neighboring Zin-Azshari, the powerful Rah’shal the Dark Saber following quickly behind. It is at the brink of daylight the Sun barely rising, the dew still crisp on the grass on the floor of Kalimdor. The trees of the forest feel young and vibrant now that spring has started; a new breath was released through the entire forest. 

Dal’diem, now almost a fully matured Night Elf, his white hair lying upon his shoulders, partly in a top pony tail, bangs still hanging in his face. He has a long grown goatee and his eyebrows sticking out passed his head. His body now muscular yet lean allowing him to move with the agility of a Saber. His eyes still vibrant and as powerful of an Azure color as ever. Dal’diem is clad in a dark blue leather tunic, with a dark green cloak strewn over his shoulder his leggings were a light mail covered in a heavy black clothes going down to his knees, his boots were light leather with chains lining, the gloves he wore were a worn in long black cloth, and he still bore the amulet given to him by Cenarius. Dal’diem left Zin-Azshari once he became of age to fight, he lived in a village about twenty miles North East of the great city, and the village he lived in was named Dae’naona. He rarely ever spent any time there unless he needed a repair on his weapons or if he was just passing through and needed a place to sleep. Dal’diem joined the Hunting party and easily raised to the top of the ranks, his aim with his bow was almost unmatched, even though he preferred close quarters combat. The proud Nightsaber Rah’shal, still follows and protects Dal’diem, and he protects him. Dal’diem kept his trip through the forest at a fast pace, Dal’diem lept onto Rah’shal’s back and began riding him through the forest down the path to the village he was heading to. He began cutting through any foes that stood in his way with ease, he rarely found a challenge in these forests any more. He had dreams of leaving one day and going to rarely traveled lands. The forest running quickly passed him, the light of the Sun beating down on his neck, his mount now slowing in pace. Dal’diem stands up on his mount and notices a village in flames in the distance about six miles to the East. His journey begins quickly, the fallen logs littering the ground, make it exceedingly more difficult. The floor of the forest is covered in moss, mushrooms and other assorted flora lay on the ground. The spring flowers were in full bloom making small pockets of bright color scattered on the floor. A mist began to rise once the temperature began to rise, it caused the floor to become slippery to the untrained travelers but to Dal’diem and Rah’shal this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience to them. The clouds began to part overhead and became entrenched in smoke of the burning village. Dal’diem and Rah’shal were nearing the village he began to notice the attackers were Trolls; Dal’diem drew his bow and fired an arrow into the heart of a troll. As soon as his fire was shot, Dal’diem was tackled from his mount; he landed onto his feet with his blades drawn. A group of three Night Elves stand in front of him, a tall dark blue haired male with Amber eyes, a green haired male, and a tall beautiful female. “What are you doing, here? Are you the one who has razed this village?” The dark haired Kal’dorei spoke with his blades pointed at Dal’diem. Dal’diem kept his weapons at the ready, the blade bearing Night Elf scoffs at Dal’diem and makes a movement showing he is ready for attack. They both charged at each other with blades drawn, the dark haired Night Elf landed the first blow a swift kick to the ribs of Dal’diem, he quickly caught his footing a struck a blow to the back of the other Night Elves leg, bringing him down to his knees. Although he was brought to his knees he was not done he spun around while on his knees and began a succession of attacks at Dal’diem, while Dal’diem dodged and parried giving him enough time to throw in a few attacks of his own. The battle raged on violently for a few more seconds until the green haired druid fired a bolt separating the two. “Now what brings you here my kin?” Dal’diem looked at the other two Night elves and then stood up and gave a bow of respect to the other two. “I was traveling through the forest and I noticed the village in flames to the East so I decided to head over…Now what are you doing here?” The Druid returned the bow and answered, “My group and I were ordered by Cenarius himself to kill all intruders that were attacking the city, I must apologize we didn’t have any previous knowledge on the invaders, that is why my brother attacked so brashly. I am Malfurion Stormrage, my brother Illidan Stormrage, and Mistress Tyrande Whisperwind.” Malfurion pointed out each of the Night Elves and the each gave there assorted greeting, “I am Dal’diem Moonblade, and this is my trusted Nightsaber Rah’shal, I am glad to meet you’re acquaintance.” Once the group shared their information on the quest at hand, they made their way to the village. The buildings of the village were burning violently, the orange glow reflecting onto the adventurer’s faces. It took them a short while to find any trolls, but once they did a fairly large group of them came charging violently. Illidan quickly met the Trolls in combat and quickly killed the first two by decapitating them, Dal’diem quickly met with Illidan in killing the troll, meanwhile Malfurion and Tyrande searched for survivors still meeting Trolls in combat. The bodies of trolls pile up around the two Night Elves, “These fools are weaklings, they are no match for the power of Illidan Stormrage.” The fires raged on more violently than ever, Malfurion summoned a small cyclone to put out the flames of the buildings. Tyrande began firing arrows at oncoming Trolls keeping them at bay so Malfurion can heal the injured. A large group of well armored Trolls came out, with blue and white war paint. The Troll leader walked up to the Kal’dorei, “Yo monn, you be da’ ones who be killen my men, now that ain’t cool mon, not cool at all, now let me introduce myself, I am Zul’jabar, of the Zandalari tribe, now prepare to die!” The group of armor clad Trolls attacked the two battle hungry Night Elves, they even beckoned for it. The two attacked the Trolls with much vigor but were slightly outmatched for the large group. Malfurion joined in combat with his brother and his new friend. “You Kal’dorei be da offspring of us Trollkind, so listen to your elders!” Zul’jabar shouted out his war cries, in an attempt to intimidate his foes. “Shut your filthy mouth you damn Troll!” Illidan charged for the warchief and met in equivalent combat, they both parried, and dodged. Dal’diem killed one of the Elite Trolls, while Malfurion kept others at bay with his Nature Magic; meanwhile Tyrande still searched for survivors and escorted them out killing nearby Trolls. The Trolls began to weaken and tire from the non-stop combat, but Dal’diem had yet to tire, “Malfurion can, you take care of the Trolls?” Malfurion nodded his head at Dal’diem. Dal’diem joined with Illidan in combat against Zul’jabar, They outmatched Zul’jabar instantly, the Troll leapt back and began to become enraged, “You don’t mess wit’ da’ Zandal you foolish Kal’dorei!” Zul’jabar began to attack quickly without any remorse; Illidan and Dal’diem were on the defensive. The blows from Zul’jabar’s axes began hammering down on the two Night Elves, “lllidan! You are quicker than I am can you get behind him?” Illidan nodded his head and cracked a devious smile. The two began to corner the Enraged Troll while his heavy attacks became more sporadic and violent. Zul’jabar began to spin in a violent whirlwind of anger. Illidan evaded all of the attacks and got behind the Troll he let out a violent swipe from his swords and lobbed of the Trolls arms. He instantly fell to his knees with Illidan’s swords to his neck. “Now you’re going to die!” Illidan prepped his sword for a killing blow, “Illidan! Let him live, he is no threat to us now leave him in the forest and let Nature take care of his sins.” Malfurion stopped his brother from killing the very literally un-armed Troll. Soon after the small group of kal’dorei, set up a camp so they may rest, until they regain energy from their quest. The forest now grew dark, the night now ahead of them and coming quickly. The trees now grumbling and stretching to the starry sky above, awaiting Elune’s blessing. The forest night life now awakening from its daytime slumber, the owls hooting can be heard from a distance, the rodents scurry quickly through the grass knocking up dirt and leaves. The moons glow is now clearly beating on the resting Night Elves; Illidan now has his back laid upon a tree just looking up at the light the Well of Eternity emits in the night sky. Dal’diem looked over at Illidan with his glowing Azure eyes gazing upon the Amber eyed Elf. “Illidan Stormrage was it? You showed some excellent skill out there against Zul’jabar.”Illidan brushed off what Dal’diem had said, and answered him with simple one word retorts such as, “Yes” and “Sure”. After a short while a voice of irritation is easily seen coming over his face, in pure aggravation Illidan stood up, and drew his blades, “We never finished our last fight this time my brother will not end it prematurely!” Dal’diem nodded his head and asked him to follow in a pitch black area of the forest not too far from the camp. The forest is pitch black, all light seeming to be sucked from these two Night Elves battle ground. There is not a sound, not a peep all life seemingly void, all life steers clear from these two. The air is still, yet crisp, the moisture of the nearby plant life causes a weight a somewhat heaviness to it, the ground is soaked; the roots of shallow plants are visual through the mud. The battle started without warning the two Night Elves leapt into nearby trees. Dal’diem leapt from tree to tree until he was able to notice the whereabouts of his foe, but as soon as he finds Illidan he vanishes. Illidan reappears under Dal’diem and shoots up with a thrusting blow that cuts through the branch he is standing on, Daldiem dodges the strike at a last moment and flips down to the floor of the forest, and he leaps into a large puddle of mud causing a large splash of dirty water. Dal’diem keeps his defenses up as he draws out his bow and arrow; he begins to fire at the shadows of Illidan. Illidan draws near breaking through the brush quickly, the noise allows Dal’diem to hear him coming he draws his blade and attempts to flank his opponent, and he then lets loose a flurry of powerful attacks with his blades. Illidan parries the blows and begins to counter them; the two Night Elves stay in a pattern of parry and counter. Not a single heavy blow had been landed yet, but as soon as the blades fail to get a killing blow, both Night Elves begin to fight with all they have, blades, Fists, Legs and even, the nearby environment. Powerful blows landed upon the flesh of the two Night Elves, a heavy swift Roundhouse is laid onto the back of Dal’diems neck, once he quickly recovers and sends a swift heel into the collar of Illidan. Both Night Elves fall back in a slight fatigue. Both Night Elves bleeding and bruised from the attacks that just landed. “I guess I have underestimated you, hmph well I don’t think I’ll do that again. Are you prepared for a round two Dal’diem Moonblade?” Illidan raised his sword up in preparation for another attack, “I shall always be prepared to defeat you in battle, Illidan.” Dalidiem raises his blades as well. Illidan lets out a burst of laughter and puts on a face of pure intensity. Illidan charges up to Dal’diem before he is able to react and strikes him with the hilt of his blade, making Dal’diem airborne, Illidan meets him in the sky and sends a quick spin kick to his ribs. Dal’diems pushes himself out of the way and lands onto his back with Illidan on top knees in his gut and his blades to his throat. “Brother! That is enough you have no right to take the life of your kin. Now retreat!” Illidan followed his brother’s orders and asked for forgiveness, he blamed the rush of battle for his brash actions. Dal’diem arose from his back, and brushed off his clothes and wiped his face of any mud. A small gasp erupts from Malfurion as he kneels down at a plant near Dal’diem’s feet, Malfurion looks up, “Do you know what this is?” Dal’diem knelt down by the floor running his fingers across the pedals gently, “Laf-laquis, if I am not mistaken Elune’s Blessing or Night Blossoms are a few of their other names.” Malfurion cracked a small smile as he looked at the seemingly knowledgeable Night Elf, “So it seems I am not the only one here that knows a few things about Herbs and Flowers.” Dal’diem retorts back describing that he only knows that because Cenarius himself told him about them. Malfurion seemed slightly jealous about the recent knowledge he learned. “I actually spent a few years living at the Barrow Den with the other Keepers. I was an honored guest of the great Demigod.” After Malfurion picked a few of the petals and the roots, he pocketed them and stood up. “Are you going to learn the Druidic arts? My brother and I are aspiring students of his right now.” Dal’diem nodded his head in disagreement. “Druidic magic is not my taste, I am happy staying a wanderer, I haven’t even seen Cenarius in over fifty years.” Malfurion had a slight look of distain but worked through it, and he began to smile and waved for the group to head on their way. The beautiful female Night Elf began to walk on her way, Illidan jogged quickly to make sure he can get next to Tyrande, the two began to converse in silence, meanwhile Dal’diem mounted Rah’shal and followed slowly behind the group. The Moon begins to glow a low vibrant light, allowing you to see just well enough down the set path in the cluttered forest. The group stays at a steady pace until they reach a half way mark, the Southfury River, a border between Ashenvale and the territory leading to Zin-Azshari. The river was a prominent and powerful river; the waters are littered with Crocolisks and other aquatic creatures. The bank of the river is enclosed in river rush, and cattails, farther back there are noticeable rock formation and assorted boulders painting the tall muddy grass. The tall Evergreen Pines seem to stop in a near perfect line across the shore of the river. The Kal’dorei notice a small clutter of leaves and twigs rushing quickly down the river bouncing off of the jagged waves created by the torrents. The water is a near pristine crystal blue, flowing quickly downstream, there is little to no pollution in the waters in the steady bank waters, it is completely safe to drink, and a perfect reflection can be found at the female Kal’dorei as she kneels down near the stream for a quick drink. The wildlife, jacketing the Southfury banks, numerous large Crocolisks swim in and out of the waters, stalking the smaller unknowing fish, the largest of the Crocolisks quickly snaps up encasing a Southfury Snap-tooth within his jaws. The fish inside the River soar quickly upstream, there scales sparkling in the Moonlight. The leathery greenish-brown skins of the Crocolisks are slimy to the touch. A large crocolisk sitting on the opposite side of the bank opens its mouth revealing its rows upon rows of teeth, the Crocolisk just stays sitting on the muddy bank mouth ajar. “There is a Fjord about half a mile downstream, we must tread carefully so we don’t alarm the nearby Crocolisk.” Malfurion pointing his elongated finger erect in the direction of the Fjord. Illidan walks ahead of the group; he travels a few steps and turns his head waving his hand for the group to follow. “Illidan please be weary the Crocolisks are ever-“ Tyrande is cut off by Dal’diem, “Please do not try milady, after this short while of me knowing Illidan I can tell he won’t listen.” Tyrande chinks a small smirk as she makes her way toward the large group of Crocolisks. The rest of the group begins to follow making sure not to wake any of the slumbering Crocks. The Night Elves, slog slowly through the muddy banks of the Southfury, the adventurers being sure to keep their composure near the deadly reptiles. The grass rises above the heads of the Night Elves making it far more difficult to see their surroundings, Malfurion constantly warning his allies of the dangers of waking the colony of Crocolisk. They start to weave moving slower and slower trying to avoid all the dangers surrounding them. The tension slowly builds; sweat begins to permeate from Dal’diem’s forehead. The damp earth causing Tyrande to sink down passed her knees. Illidan’s irritation building due to his brothers, less than exciting decision; the subtelty of the Kal’dorei’s movements quickly become far more brash, he quickly sloshes through splashing around violently. The commotion of the Night Elf causes some of the Crocolisks to stir. Malfurion tries to calm his brother; Illidan looks at his brother, his face relaxing. “Illidan, we have to be silent or else.” Illidan cocks his head back and kneels down beside a nearby Crocolisk, “Please, brother! We are in no danger here; these stupid reptiles are dumb when they sleep.” Malfurion takes a step towards his brother, “Illidan you obviously have not been paying attention in your bestiary classes with Shan’do Cenarius, The Crocolisks are colony based, if one is hurt or startled they will all attack the enemy. Now be safe or we are dead.” Illidan seems slightly offended at his brother’s lack of trust in his skills. The Kal’dorei continue their trek through the marshy land nearby to the river bank. The deeper water begins to soak Dal’diem’s heavy cloak, the weight of it begins to slow down the movement speed of the Night Elf. The once prestine water becomes dark murky green in color The water makes it far more difficult to see where they step; the pace is almost unmoving, watching every little movement. The hearts of the Night Elves begin to race, with their hearts pounding all the movements become more erratic, they moves more reckless. Malfurion and Dal’diem begin to slow their breathing. The fjord is less than fifteen yards away, the mud making the distance seeming even longer every step they take. Roots of the Evergreen Trees begin rooting the feet of the Night Elves. The trees begin to stretch and groan with the rising Sun, the branches of the trees move and wave against the wind. A large root rises out from the mucky ground, the root swings into the air slamming the ground stirring and killing the Crocolisks that were too close to the trees. “What, the trees awaken with the rising Sun.” Malfurion raises his Staff above his head as he tries to gain command over the Trees. “Brother, can you work faster? The Crocolisks would have been no problem, but Ents. We are not prepared for this brother!” Illidan slices his way through the groups of Crocolisks. “I am sorry but this type of magic is far beyond by skill level!” Dal’diem rushes into battle with Tyrande, both of them Bows drawn and notched ready to fire. “Malfurion, Illidan stop bickering and help us.” Illidan begins to curse at the never ending number of Crocolisks cornering them from one side and awakening Ents on the other. The sky is purple; half of it covered in stars, the other with the light of day. The floor now littered with the blood of the Crocolisks, the mud apprehending the quick movements of the Night Elves. A powerful sensation of Druidic energy emitted from the Ent’s causing a powerful vibration throughout the surrounding land. The roots and vines swinging throughout the sky, lashing at the Night Elves and Southfury Crocolisks, the lifting root create large chasms in the earth, the fissures knocking multiple Crocolisks into the holes allowing Illidan to land easy killing blows. A large vine strikes Dal’diem in the ribs knocking him into a large pile of vicious Crocolisks, Dal’diem lays on his back unconscious, blood trickling down his face. “Curses, Dal’diem has been stricken down. We must fight with the might of Elune at our side.” Tyrande lands on a root that was flying in the air, firing her arrows into the heads of the Crocolisks surrounding Dal’diem. She lands on top of Dal’diem she fires an arrow in between the eyes of a charging Crocolisk. She slings Dal’diem over her shoulder. Illidan runs to the aid of Tyrande, a large Crocolisk strikes at Tyrande but before the blow could land Illidan jumps in between them jamming his sword into the Crocolisks throat. Malfurion still channeling the Ent’s to rest, he soon get distracted by another large group of the colony of Crocolisks. Malfurion fires a few small bolts of Wrath at nearby charging Crocolisks knocking them on their backs. He sends a few more bolts knocking them into the fissures that were created by the Ent’s. A quick swinging root attacks Malfurion, Malfurion slices the root in half before it can do any serious damage to him. The Ent pulls back in pain a loud booming roar is heard through the earth, the water begins to quiver under the force of the newly awakened Ent. A Large Ent now fully awaken, it stretches its legs out of the soil, the Ent reaches for a crocolisk and throws it in the direction of Illidan. The Ent has a light brown bark covered skin, the peak of the tree in coming from its back, giving the Treant a slight curvature to its build. The Ent is covered in large moving vines. The Ent swings its large arm knocking into Illidan, while Illidan is being swung in the air he stabs his blades onto the Ents hulking arms. Tyrande follows the attack of Illidan’s by shooting the Ent in the body, Dal’diem begins to awaken he uses his sword as a support. He begins to run at the Ent he slices at the weak rotted parts of the Ents legs. Malfurion still using some of his basic druidic chants to put the Ent into slumber, a weak beam of Druidic energy connects from Malfurion’s staff to the heart of the Ent. Illidan still on the arm of the Ent gets lifted high into the air and get thrown into the river, skipping off of the water until he lands on the other side of the bank. Illidan lays unmoving on the hard sandy ground on the bank, water rising slowly up and down his legs. Tyrande fires another arrow into the Ent’s body. The Ent looks at Tyrande and begins to rush at her, the beam of energy beginning to disconnect from Malfurion’s staff. “I-I-I’m out of arrows! The Ents coming! Dal’diem slow his pace.” Tyrande begins to run away from the large Ent, but the Ent is gaining distance. Dal’diem throws his half full quiver to Tyrande, while in the air the quiver knocks into one of the branches of the Ent getting stuck onto its scarred shoulder. “Damn! Malfurion! Do you know the spell of Entangling Roots?” Malfurion looks in shock, “I need a catalyst, a-a seed of some sort.” Dal’diem leaps onto the back of the still charging Ent and begins stabbing its back trying to get its attention. “We are battling a bloody tree that should be catalyst enough!” Dal’diem gets within grasp of his quiver, he reaches with all his might he begins to shout out, his hand touching the notch of an arrow, once he gets a grip he loses his grip and slips off of the Mossy backside of the Ent. While in midair he has barely enough time to throw his arrow to Tyrande before he falls into a large crater. Tyrande leaps into the air grabbing the arrow and fires it into the brittle rotted wood on the Ent’s leg, causing it to slip into the crater Dal’diem fell into. Malfurion and Tyrande shout out at what just happened. Malfurion begins casting his spell of Entangling Roots around the leg of the Ent, without Malfurion’s control the vines begin to crawl up the entire body of the Ent freezing it in place for all eternity. Tyrande runs to the hole where Dal’diem fell, she begins searching for any sign of his body, meanwhile Malfurion runs to the side of his brother; he begins to channel a spell of healing unto the unconscious Illidan. “Dal’diem? Dal’diem are you still with us?” Tyrande falls back onto her back, “Oh please do not pass…” Illidan awakens in a shock at the sight of the Frozen Ent, he sprints to the side of Tyrande and begins to ask question at what had happened? Illidan looks into the opening into the crevice; he notices a small flickering Blue light. Illidan reaches his arm down and feels the armor of the fallen Night Elf, Illidan gets a good grasp upon Dal’diem and begins to pull him through the tiny opening between the earth and the Ents leg. He places Dal’diem onto the floor, Illidan placing his ear to the chest of Dal’diem. Tyrande walking up to the body of her fallen ally, “I don’t sense any life force, Malfurion do you know of any restoration spells?” Malfurion turns his head to the ground in dissatisfaction. “I swear I will never let a comrade fall again, I must make sure of it any way possible, I am willing to learn anything.” Tyrande places her hand upon Illidans shoulder and bows her head down. Illidan looks down at Dal’diem noticing a fatal looking blow to the gut, a large spear of wood punctured his body. The wound bled purple, the color of the Kal’dorei’s blood, the flesh was inflamed and his muscle was clearly visible. Malfurion knelt down placing his hand on top of the hemorrhaging wound, his hand covered in blood he began a Kal’dorein chant for the fallen. The rain began to pour on the mourning Night Elves, the beads of water running down like tears from Elune herself. Lightning cracked the sky; the snaps of lightning began to crack- more frequently. The rain began to cause ripples on the river, and it quickly became a downpour, the water level rose quickly making the fjord almost disappear. Black clouds began to stain the sky, the morning Sun disappearing behind the thick canvas of shadows. The smell of the fresh rain was tainted by the corpses of the Crocolisk. A thin mist began to rise from the ground; the muddy ground became even muddier. Illidan and Malfurion lifted the corpse of their fallen comrade and walked him to the nearby forest so they could be under the cover of the trees. “We were so close to city.” Malfurion placing Dal’diem against a tree, a faint heartbeat was heard emanating from the chest of Dal’diem. “He is alive?” Illidan places his large ear against the chest of Dal’diem, he heard another faint heartbeat. Tyrande’s face fills with hope once again, she turns to Illidan, “Illidan you are by far the fastest of us here, do you think you could run whilst carrying Dal’diem?” Illidan nodded his head and quickly threw Dal’diem over his back; he instantly sprinted off in the direction of Zin-Azshari. The rain falling even harder still, causing vision to be brought down to near nothing, the forest was nothing but a blur compared to the speed of Illidan Stromrage. The mud splashes up and into Illidan’s face but nothing affects his concentration, he stays completely focused with the task at hand. The lightning cracks a nearby tree causing it to catch flame and fall into the path of Illidan. Illidan comes to a quick halt and begins to look around, he notices a small opening covered in flames where he could run through. The opening begins to crack and sparks other nearby flames, the wood blackens and smolders under the flames intense heat. Having no other option Illidan run through the flame entrenched opening. With his speed the flames barely touched Illidan, he began to leap over fallen logs and boulders. The city was so near, for the average Night Elf it would be a three day walk, Illidan had already traveled half of the distance in just over eight hours. Fatigue came over Illidan, but he could not stop, he couldn’t quit. He still felt the faint heartbeat of his ally, it was beginning to slow though, but he had to keep running. The lightning began to strike must faster; Illidan soon had to start dodging the lightning. The lightning almost struck Illidan on many accounts, but his speed mixed with all of his determination made his agility unmatched, even for the lightening itself. The great city Zin-Azshari is visible on the horizon, Illidan ran with all of his might. Illidan finally entered Zin-Azshari, he ran to the Barrow Den of Cenarius. Illidan saw Cenarius and ran to his side, “Master Cenarius, my ally fell in combat to an Ent, he still breathes can your magic help him?” Cenarius looked down at the Night Elf and noticed the Amulet he bore, “Ah Young Master Moonblade, we keep meeting under these circumstance, yes Master Stormrage, his injuries are no problem for me to heal.” Cenarius waves his hand and a bright green aura surrounded Dal’diem. Dal’diem sat up instantly and began coughing, his color returned to its vibrant purple. Dal’diem rested for two days, in the Barrow Den; Cenarius walked into the chamber. “Hello Young Master Moonblade, you have an impeccable will to survive. It is very impressive that four young aspiring Kal’dorei’s were able to not just defeat an Ent in combat but a colony of rabid Crocolisks with it, you four show wonderful potential. I was wondering if you would accept my offer to become one of my students like Illidan and Malfurion.” Dal’diem sat up and looked at the Demigod Cenarius. “I am sorry Master Cenarius, but this is an offer I cannot accept.” Malfurion, Tyrande and, Illidan walk into the chamber, all of them bow their heads to Cenarius, and Cenarius waved his arm and bowed with respect. Malfurion and Tyrande looked as if they had just recently returned from Southfury River. “Dal’diem how is your condition?” Malfurion took a step nearer to inspect the injuries of his once fallen ally. “I- I feel great, I feel better than I did before.” Dal’diem raised his hands above his head and gave out a loud yawn, Cenarius placed his hand upon the shoulder of Illidan, “Young Master Stormrage here is the one you owe your life to, Master Moonblade. I just healed you he risked his life with you on his back. You two will forever be bonded in the great Emerald Dream; that I promise.” Dal’diem looked at Cenarius with bewilderment so he asked the great demigod a simple question, “Master Cenarius what is the Emerald Dream, I’ve heard it spoken before by other keepers.” Cenarius shuffles a little and kneels down slightly to Dal’diem’s bed side, “Ah’ I have forgotten that you have no Druidic training, well Young Master Moonblade, the Emerald Dream, well to be put simply it is the world of the Druids, the world of Ysera and the green dragonflight-“ Dal’diem’s face just becomes more confused, “Let me continue, well firstly the Green Dragonflight is the Keepers of all nature, but to continue with the Emerald Dream, it is the epitome of perfection in its ways, our two worlds- this and The Dream are quasi-duplicates, The Dream is our world seen through a lens of Magic. But the true secrets of the Emerald Dream are for those of Druidic power.” Cenarius finishes what he has to says, bows and begins to walk away. “Wait! Master Cenarius! I- I-I will train under you, I will learn the ways of the Druid, will you accept me as your disciple?” Dal’diem get out of his bed and bows down to Cenarius. Cenarius just smiles, he walks towards the kneeling Night Elf, he places his hand upon his shoulder and looks him in the eye.

The New bonds 275 years later T he rays of the sun shone brightly, scattered through the thickets of trees. Dal’diem sat under a tree, a faint green emission of light shone from his hand but quickly simmered out. “It seems you are having some trouble with your druidic training.” The women who said this was kneeling above the man, her dark blue hair draped over her shoulders and down into her face. Dal’diem then looked up at her with his shimmering Azure eyes. “Yes, milady, I have yet to grasp even the most simple of the Druidic magicks, all the other students of Cenarius are already learning the art of shape shifting, and I have yet to summon a sproutling from this seed!” Dal’diem held up a small yellow seed in his left hand. Tyrande kneeled down lower, the light of her glowing eyes reflected unto Del’diems face, she had no need to speak all she did was place her hand upon his shoulder and she emitted a smile. A faint roar of a Sabre could be heard from the distance, “Hmph, I am sorry I must leave you Dal’diem. My Frostsaber, Ash’halah, is calling me, and she is still young and requires my assistance when needed.” Dal’diem nodded his head, and she departed. Leaves fell from the trees as a young Night Elf with bright amber eyes walked past Tyrande smiling. He quickly darted his eyes to the young Night Elf sitting under the tree. The forest itself bowed away from this Night Elf as he walked toward Dal’diem, “Dal’diem, why were you speaking with Tyrande!” quickly gripping the collar of Dal’diems cloak. “Illidan, we were talking about my Druidic lessons! Now remove your hand from my cloak!” Illidan smirked at Dal’diem and patted his shoulder and turned around, waving his hand for Dal’diem to follow. “Hah! Druidic magic, what a joke true power lies in the magicks of the highbourne. You will soon agree with me once I have taught you! You are the only Kal’dorei in this clan that can understand!” Once they had reached a more secluded part of the dark forest, Illidan conjured a fluster of powerful Arcane magic around his entire body. The air nearly left Dal’diem’s body. He began to quake where he stood, and a look of awe arose over his face. “Do you see now, this is a magic that even The Powerful Cenarius fears!” Illidan continues a powerful speech of his discovery of this powerful magic, “Illidan why me? Why have you chosen me?” Dal’diem beckons an answer from Illidan while a glow from Dal’diems body surrounds him and begins to fuse with the energy from Illidan’s body. The forest grew brighter, and the dirt and leaves circle around them, the wildlife ran from the light emitting from the Night Elves. “It was our eyes Dal’diem! Don’t you see our eyes hold our destiny! My Amber eyes show that I will perform great things through my eternal life, and yours-your Azure eyes, I learned that they are meant to emit Arcanic magic! We-we were meant to work together, Can’t you see it! Can you see our power Dal’diem?!” Illidan waved his hands focusing his magic to a single point, “Now I will show you the might of the Highbourne.” The orb of light condensed into a concentrated javelin, Illidan gripped his hand around the glowing javelin, he drew his arm back and then threw the javelin deep into the forest, and the trees seem to deteriorate whatever the Arcanic javelin struck. The sheer power admitted from the blast knocked Dal’diem onto his back. Illidan reached his arm down to Dal’deim and picked him up. The two Kal’dorei meet, the forest quickly darkening to night, the Moon rising the light seeming to surround the two, they walk deeper into the forest, and into shadows. The darkness of the forest gripping around the trees, the shadows seem to constrict the bodies of plant life and animal life alike. The thick canopy above head only allows a small outlook of the clouded sky above. A heavy mist arose from the ground and it seemed to mix with the Arcanic energy emitted from Illidan, the mist seemed to circle the body of the tall, lanky Night Elf. The leaves scraped the bodies of the Night Elves walking through the narrow path. Broken twigs and branches hung in their faces, making them maneuver through the heavily thicketed forest. Wolves can be heard howling in the distance causing an eerie feeling to the already dark forest. A deer can be seen resting in a nearby opening; a quiver comes over it once the thick fog touches its body. The elves continue their way through the forest until they come across a small lake with a small hut that lay on the western side. The Night Elves walked alongside the lake, the water a misted color and it was nearly impossible to see the bottom even in the shallowest of water. They made it to the hut: it was small the top was covered in assorted animal leathers while the inside is covered in moss and has ancient unknown relics. “I learned about the true power of the Highbourne from these assorted relics, I have found them from old ruins or traders ignorant enough to part with them. I learned of the meaning of your Azure eyes from this vase that a Pandaren had atop of his shelves, I was able to procure it from him at a reasonable price.” Illidan lifted the ancient terracotta vase and handed it to Dal’diem with a smile upon his face. The vase was painted green in color; it had pictures of assorted races such as, a Kal’dorei, Pandaren, Tauren, Troll, and a winged looking monster that couldn’t recognize. All of the people depicted on the vase shared one similar feature, they all bore Azure eyes. Illidan had described that it is a sort of family line, it goes down a line. “The ancient Old Gods used to use vessels to hold their Arcanic magic, and that is what you are Dal’diem, you are one of the ancient vessels, you are the last of them,” Dal’diem had to sit; he was in udder shock at what he had just heard. Dal’diem looks at a reflection of himself in a cracked mirror on a shelf in the hut. His eyes glowing vibrantly, he places his hand under his eyes. “So, I am a vessel, that…well that is interesting, hmph-So what do we do now Illidan.” Dal’diem tried to conjure a small ball of Arcane energy in his hand, as he summoned it, light flickering it blows out in the wind. “I will teach you what I know of arcanic energy. Our training will start today.” Illidan stood up and gestured for Dal’diem to follow once more. Illidan walked towards a large patch of tall grass, he called over Dal’diem, “This is your first lesson, a powerful aspect of Arcane energy is the non physical manipulation. Now for your first lesson is to cut all of this grass without using your hands, like so.” Illidan pressed his hands down and cut half an inch off the top of the grass. “You will cut half an inch until you reach the bottom, this grass is over two feet, which is over forty-eight cuts.” Illidan left the center of the patch; he sat atop of a rock and watched Dal’diem diligently. Dal’diem had a smile of pure cockiness upon his face, he placed his hands in front of his body he charged a line pure arcane energy; he pushed his hands back to his ribs then thrust forward. The energy backfired sending him into a nearby tree, his hands bleeding. All is silent except the loud eruption of laughter from Illidan. Dal’diem stands up then brushes himself off, regaining his composure; he walks over to the tall patch of grass raises his hands once more gets ready to fire off the bolt of magic again, but before he could do so, “Be sure to pull your energy back!” Dal’diem, being distracted by Illidan’s advice, Dal’diem gets sent back into the tree now his face is bleeding from the backfire of energy. Smoke rising from Dal’diems hands and face, Illidan begins to laugh violently again. Dal’diem walks back this time slightly more irritated than the last time, he raises his hands up focusing more than ever, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and releases it again, slicing off only an eighth of an inch. “Huh, well I guess it’s a start, but it isn’t a half inch, and your cuts are inconsistent, the wave started to rise as soon as you released it. Now try again” Illidan laid back on the large rock, Dal’diem lifted his hands to the level of his shoulders, he took another breath focusing again his hands quivering blood dripping slowly down his arms. His anger began to raise he fired a large blast of energy that backfired, cutting his entire body from head to toe. Struggling to get up, Dal’diem staggered to the patch of grass. He raises his hands once more; he holds them there for one minute and then an aura of azure energy builds around his body. His eyes shut and he stays completely still, his legs buckle together, he stays standing unconscious, comatose under the weight of his magic. The Sun begins to raise the motionless Night Elf, a statue frozen in the Arcanic void, a bird perched upon his shoulder, a snake revolving around his boots. The grass still standing waving slowly in the wind, a quiet whistling can be heard as the wind travels through the blades of grass. The shore of the lake washing back and forth sifting the dirt, a small frog hopping along the coast, cattails posing as homes for other frogs allowing them to awake in piece without any worries of predators, the sound of croaking can be heard. A calm wind blows causing Dal’diem’s cloak to dance, partnering with the wind in a short waltz. The Sun now reflected light off of the lake onto Dal’diems face, creating a constant shifting of golden pastel colors over his violet face. Illidan leapt up from the rock he rested upon, walked over to Dal’diem. The birds that were perched upon the shoulders of the slumbering Night Elf flew away at the sign of Illidan’s movement. He circled Dal’diem in amazement, touching and prodding the Night Elves body to check for any reaction; there was no movement. He began to sense an underlying energy within the body of the Night Elf; Illidan began to channel his energy into the body of Dal’diem. “Hmph, this is amazing! The torrents of Arcanic energy within his body are passing throughout him at unprecedented speeds, and he isn’t even channeling his mana!” Illidan then attempted to reawaken Dal’diem with a powerful pulse of Arcanic energy. The pulse left Illidan’s hand in a swift burst imbuing Dal’diem in an Arcanic sheath of energy. The energy quickly absorbs into the body of Dal’diem, returning him to his, slightly lack luster appearance. “Interesting, Arcanic energy never ceases to amaze me, but for all I know he could be left in this slumber for a millennia before he awakens. I need to find the key to his revival.” Illidan sits on the dirt arms stretched out in front of him, eyes shut, and he begins chanting words of ancient gods and other deities to awaken his slumbering comrade. The day begins to fade, twilight upon them, and the sky turning the pale purple clouds now to an assortment of blues, purples, reds and, greens. Leaves soared high above the trees, wind now picking up; sifting through all malleable objects, life flows on passed the quiescent Night Elf. Time seems to have recessed into a subtle wisp of air, a large discharge of energy flashed across the opening of the forest lifting the water of the lake into a grand title wave the was held precariously overhead, whilst in mid air the water froze into a solid block of ice that resembles spears and jagged knives. The trees blew back and buckled under a fierce fire burning the tips of the tree asunder. The rock Illidan was perched upon sliced down the centre, Illidan leaping back dodging the invisible blows, just barely; upon his landing he had realized he had procured slices and shallow gouges down the base of his shoulders.

           A loud scream broke loose from the once tattered inactive Dal’diem, a blue radiant energy began pouring through his body, the ground below him began burning to his left, and freezing to his right, the tall grass was sliced down to the dirt into a thousand pieces; his eyes illuminated so brightly the sky above seemed dark and hazy in comparison as he collapsed to the floor. He lay there, quivering like a scared pup. Soon, his body relaxed into a state of bliss. His skin returned to its normal dark violet color and he was asleep, lost in the dreams of Arcanic mystery.
          Dal’diem stood, in a shadow spiraling around him as if he was in a dark tunnel, a ubiquitous chasm. He took sluggish unwavering steps, his feet echoing on the invisible ground, as if it were made of a perfectly carved marble; he slid his fingers over the translucent wall, causing a rippling effect on the walls as if a stone had been dropped in water. Every breath he took the air became thicker and more harsh, the exhales made a shrill echo in the air. The tunnel seemed endless, continuously spinning, the shadows begin to close in around Dal’diem, and the visibility was nearly nothing, all that was visible to him was a dark void of unadulterated emptiness.
           Dal’diem felt a gust of wind hit him soon followed by a wall of white light engulfing the body of the violet skinned Elf. The power of the illumination was so ridiculous that it felt as if every bone in Dal’diem’s body was broken; he lay on his back floating in the sallow nothingness gasping for breath. He drifted back unto his feet and stood there his body now nude; his clothing ripped into some other dimension it seemed; he didn’t question things in this place. He hovers towards where the light was emanating from. The light was so blinding that Dal’diem had to nearly shut his eyes completely from it.
           A shape became quickly clear to Dal’diem’s eyes, the figures immense size blocked out all of the light and casted down a shadow upon the Night Elves body. The wings of the shadow expanded out and around Dal’diem incasing his in a complete shadow, a large set of eyes opened widely, the eyes glowing a powerful flaming golden. A wisp of blue flame exuded from the Nostrils of the beast. The very air it breathed became hot and inconsumable to the Night Elf, he began to cough and gag from the lack of oxygen; a strange smoke filled Dal’diem’s lungs, his eyes began to dampen, soot was encasing the insides of his mouth and esophagus. Anger and hatred began to instill a spark into Dal’diem’s body; he crouched down and began to shout at the creature, an aura of mana shrouded his body and attempted to force the beast back.
           “Ahhhh, so you are the Arcane Shell, hmm and old relic of the past, you are practically an older far weaker and useless model of me, your existence is pointless, but Alexstrasza will not allow let me cause harm to you…” The beast’s voice echoed and rung out for a few minutes, “I am Malygos the Spell Weaver, of the Azure Dragonflight, The Master of the Arcane, and the hidden Arcanum.” 
           Malygos arched his head back showing off his gorgeous scaled body; his scales glistened in the light from a dark blue to silver. He shook his head, rustling his long silver mane, and he looked down at the miniscule Night Elf with a convoluted look of uncertainty, “I was noticing, you’re training with magic with the other kaldorien child, fairly pathetic in my opinion.” Malygos seemed to have a smirk upon his face, “You are doing it ALL wrong, hmph, well you have time to practice- I guess. But I am still dancing with the fact on whether or not I want to kill you, but you are the last of your kind. Well the Dragons of this land know of your existence, the Aspects of the other Dragonflights have discussed your existence, we approve…but do not abuse your power, for then I would be indubitably forced to hunt you down and eat you for a snack.” The Dragon whipped his tail around and it began swinging in the air causing a gust of pure unadulterated power, “What are you still doing here boy, be gone!” as the dragon finished his exclamation, he blew a gust of blue flames incinerating Dal’diem to ash.   
           Dal’diem awakes on the floor of Illidan’s hut, in a complete daze. “You enjoy becoming unconscious don’t you? You have been out for about three days without a budge, I thought you were dead.” Illidan is sitting in a stool fiddling a dagger in his hands, he leans back and stretches. “You ready to train again?” Dal’diem nods and attempts to stand, as he does he nearly collapses; he finally gains his footing and walks outside. Illidan followed and cut in front of Dal’diem; once he passed Dal’diem he had noticed the gash down Illidan’s shoulder. The Azure eyed Elf, looked down to the ground, a flash passed through his mind and he saw the images of what he did. He looked up noticing the damages of what he did the wave of daggers and spears stayed frozen, the tree broken and crumbled atop one another.

“Stop wallowing in guilt Dal’diem, you just need to learn to control this amazing power! You have been gifted with so much, now learn to harness it so you may smite and destroy any who oppose you,” preached Illidan. Illidan kept a desperate look in his eyes, cheek twitching, he ordered Dal’diem to take hold of his magic and train. Months upon months soon made its way into years; even decades flew by in a moment. However, time means nothing to those who live on this plane of existence for an eternity. The arduous and painstaking training over the control over the Arcanum scarred the body and mind of Dal’diem, he traveled through canyons, crawled through caves, battled through trolls and now is nearing his final quest. After traveling through the heavily thicketed forests of Kalimdor and traversing the Stormy Mountain Peaks in the Northern Mountains they had made it to their final destination a small village near the peak of a mountain lie a village not like any Dal’diem had seen before. The populaces of this village were, shorter than a Night Elf by about eight to twelve inches, bore pinkish brown skin, and had long dark hair. Dal’diem noticed a small fountain of sorts in the center of their village; it seemed to resemble a small replica of the Night Elves Well of Eternity. “Ah so you noticed the fount as well Dal’diem, that is why I came here with you.” Illidan whispered his words under his breath. “Illidan, what are these things, they’re-they they’re another species are they Trolls or, what are they?” Dal’diem asked, baffled by these new findings. The mountains of this land were far harsher than what the Kaldorei were used to, they slowly traveled the jagged terrain with much thought. They made their way around to the eastern side of the village. From their view they noticed the strange humanoid race was drinking from the emanating fountain, a slim few were even channeling basic spells not even understanding what they were doing. “Doesn’t it anger you, Dal’diem? Such a primordial species trying to grasp true magic… Hmph. They do not deserve such abilities. I brought you here to help me slay these fools!” Illidan barked at Dal’diem, still keeping his voice down. “But Illidan… They aren’t doing anything harmful, it would be as if we were killing children! I cannot take part in this!” Dal’diem retorted to Illidan’s harsh demands. “But you do not understand Dal’diem! These things, they league with the Trolls, and if these children as you call them muster the Arcane we could have a war! This is the best thing to defend our queen and our people! If you do not help me then I will do by myself these beings are nothing for me. Illidan made his way down the precipice, leaping over a small gorge and climbed down the rocky mountain side. The air at this altitude is hard to breathe; it is cold and sharp, and every breath feels as if it were tearing into your esophagus. The sky was dark lightening cracked regularly, but was at such a distance it was merely a brief flash from the horizon, the clouds were dark and looming, Illidan had noticed that the people of the village couldn’t see very well at night, he used it to his advantage. He moved slowly towards the back of a make shift hut, tore through the pelt slowly and leapt in, Dal’diem ears twitched as he picked up the sounds of a quick gasp, but the people in the village moved on as if they couldn’t hear it. “These things senses are puny… maybe Illidan was right. These inhabitants are no different than if I were to kill a Giant Forest Spider that attacked me, and Illidan did say they were in cohorts with Trolls, but they seem civilized…ergh…what can I do!?” Dal’diem banged his fists in irritation Illidan continued his path from hut to hut finishing off anyone and everyone who he snuck up on. He had made his way to his third hut, once he cut through the hide of the tent a cries of a baby alarmed the village people to Illidan’s position. Illidan tried to cut through them but their numbers were large and they were fierce combatants on top of that. Illidan battled off many of them but found himself cornered behind a crag, Dal’diem stood up worried for his friend fired a warning shot of Magic to alarm the humans. “Damn it Illidan I didn’t want to do this.” Dal’diem shuttered for a moment. “DAMN IT ILLIDAN!” Dal’diem exclaimed as he leapt down from the cliff face, he looked at the wild people, they moved forward for an attack, Dal’diem blasted a shot of Arcane energy at his feet to knock him off balance. “Dal’diem you are being to kind; remember what I taught you, harness your power, these people won’t me so merciless to you.” Illidan beckoned to the Elf behind him. Dal’diem shut his eyes he dropped his hand, but at that moment the wild man charged at him, Dal’diem quickly raised his hand and fired a barrage of Arcane Missiles at the man and two others beside him. A loud bellowing cry was heard from a hut near Dal’diem, a woman came from the tent holding a child in her arms. She had tears in her eyes and noticed a group of her ilk dead on the ground, blood soaking on the floor. The woman’s face seemed broken she fell to her knees; she began to cry with her child. A man ran to her side dropping his spear to the floor, he wrapped his arms around her he looked up at Illidan and Dal’diem with a scornful look of hate and anguish. This began to confuse Dal’diem profusely; Illidan had made these people out to be savages and worse than the Trolls. Dal’diem looked at this man not knowing his history, his achievements in life, or even his name; in a sympathetic but pathetic feeling within his soul he named the man An’da, meaning papa or father in Darnassian. An’da began to weep heavily, Dal’diem thought that maybe he had killed one of his brothers, he began to be disgusted with himself; Dal’diem looked down at his hands with disgust. The wild men still surrounding the two Violet Elves, they’re gazes began to shuffle back and forth between the Elves and the weeping family. The people began to quietly whisper the words, “Thar Daer!” Neither of the Kaldorei knowing what the words these people are using, but they were smart enough to have a language; Dal’diem’s began to feel far inferior and disgusted with himself, he wasn’t defending a single person, he was the attacker. An’da began to stand up slowly, but before he was fully erect a wave of Arcanic energy zoomed past him grazing the complete left side of his face leaving serious burns, An’da turned around and noticed his wife and child lay there slain, Illidan stood there with his hand stretched out still glowing from the power of the blast; the man let out a roar that quaked the ground, he began to glow with a color similar to that of the villages fount, he picked up his spear it to began to glow with a radiating energy, he then chucked it with all of his might at the Elves. Dal’diem quickly moved out of the way while Illidan merely deflected the glowing spear with his blade. The wild men charged at Dal’diem while he was on the ground, a look of shock and awe on his face. “Illidan why in the name of Elune would you do that, you killed that women, she was not a threat! You committed a treasonous crime, you committed Xaxas!” Dal’diem shrieked out in anger. “Dal’diem I swear I was aiming at the man to scare him I thought he was going to attack, I would never take an innocent life!” Illidan leapt back cutting the arm off of a man who came at him with a short sword. Dal’diem stared at An’da as he began to charge at him; mid stride Illidan had come and gutted An’da. An’da’s stare blackened; blood began to flow profusely from his mouth, his wound opened as Illidan’s blade left him. An’da collapsed to the floor and with his last breath he let out a shout saying, “Deo Uden!” he then fell coughing and gagging in his own puddle of blood. Dal’diem dodged another blow from another angered wild man, Dal’diem snapped. Dal’diem drove his blade through a man and used his skill in magic to blast his body from his blade into another man. He turned his head quickly ducking an axe aimed for his chest, Dal’diem delivered a powerful kick to the man’s ribs, Dal’diem heard a crush and many cracks, his Elven ears knew that he had punctured the man’s lungs with that kick; he quickly sliced another man’s throat. Blood was pouring like ale at a festival; the screams could be heard multiple times as the echoed through the chasms of the mountains. “Illidan, we are leaving now! I am done with this bloodshed, I was correct these people are defenseless now stow your blade and let us leave!” Dal’diem bellowed with such anger that Illidan had to listen. As they were leaving Dal’diem noticed the body of An’da still hemorrhaging blood from his intestines, he then looked at the charred body of An’da’s supposed wife, or sister; Dal’diem did not know, he did not care anymore he just wanted to leave, he just wanted to forget.

Lodgings from the storm Moments later

“What the hell is the matter with you Illidan!? They seemed peaceful, they were no savages. By Elune, you had me kill countless innocent lives, because they were defending themselves. I saw it Illidan!” Dal’diem’s voice cracked under all of the pressure. “I saw the fear in their eyes, their white eyes, with the blue centers. They screamed run away but they kept battling! Damn it Illidan!” Dal’diem slid his back down the tree branch and sat on the leaf covered forest floor. “Dal’diem I did not mean to kill any innocent lives, I had heard from a liable source that these people were indeed blood thirsty savages, it was lord Xavius himself. I must apologize my brother I was ill informed.” Illidan bowed his head, his long elven eyebrows curled in remorse. “Well your information cost people their lives, and you are no longer a brother to me Illidan.” Dal’diem began to walk away; he picked up his satchel and left his encampment. The rage inside of Dal’diem’s heart tore him to pieces, he looked down at his blood soaked leggings and cloak. The images of those people scarred his mind; Dal’diem received the largest wound he had ever received in battle before. Dal’diem began to quiver at the thoughts that began to pass through his mind. Illidan walked up to his ally’s side, he sat down on the opposing side of the tree and looked up at the stars. “The stars here are brighter than central Kalimdor.” Illidan sat quietly for a moment after saying that sentence. The stars shone brightly through the sky, there was a meteor shower tonight, the sky filled with an illumination of glory. “Nothing will be the same now Illidan.” Dal’diem shutters. Illidan looks over precariously at his friend and student, “Why is that Dal’diem?” “I didn’t feel anything.”

Landing on the Right Foot One year

“Dal’diem we are no longer on different levels I see you as my equal now.” Illidan bowed his head in respect. “Now it is our time to return to the city after decades of solitude.” Illidan turned his head to the still frozen tidal wave, it stayed frozen in time. The shards of ice still razor sharp, the magically imbued wave of frost, seemed to have still flowing water underneath the layers of ice. The colors of the ice ranged from a blue to a purple, the speckles of green are tossed into the blend, the ice still sparkle because of its magical properties. “I see that frozen wave as a sign that you couldn’t control your gift. I want you to destroy it, but be wary that Ice is tougher than a grand white diamond. It is nearly impossible to break.”

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