Name: Raylan Seyvon
Raylan in Quel'thalas.png
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The Ebon Blade


Paladin (Before Death)

Death Knight (Currently)

''Allignment: Neutral''''''Evil
Status: Reanimated

Weapon(s) Of Choice: Runeblade (Main)

Sword and Shield (Secondary)

Bow and Arrow


Race: Undead Human


Lokai Seyvon (Son)

Surlon Seyvon (Son)

Lain Givina (Wife)

Unmentioned Daughter


Raylan was born in the Farmlands of Westfall before the First War broke out, he was closely
befriended with Gryan Stoutmantle. They both studied the way of Priesthood, along with them
Lain Givina for a long time she dated Gryan but Gryan moved away to Stratholme after they

were dating for 3 Weeks, Lain was heartbroken and Raylan as a friend tried cheering her up

Eventually developing a crush on her himself, the love came from both. After Paladinhood

got instated Raylan switched to becoming a Paladin. He would still often visit Lain and

together they would grow up as Priest and Paladin

The First War

Shortly after graduating, the couple married. But soon Raylan was called away to fight off invaders in Stormwind.
Stormwind fell, 3 years Lain waited, untill eventually Raylan came back from the war which scarred him forever

he saw the unimaginable horror of the Orcs sacrificing his friends in cruel ways including mutilation and what more

However, is deep anger would soon turn into joy as 10 years after that Lain gave birth to a healthy blessed by the light

Lokai, who he would train the first four years of his life

Second War

But the joy wouldn't last for long as soon there was news that the Horde had attacked the Dwarven Kingdom of Khaz Modan

Raylan was sent to battle once more. His luck however proved him useful once again as he survived the Second War and
being on the winning side aswell. The Orcs were sent to internment Camps and the Trolls were pushed back into Zul'Aman

Returning home he found that Lain had given birth to another son, this one not blessed by light. However he trained both of them

Equally, and loved them both though respecting Lokai's advancement a bit more then Surlon's

Third War and Death

The Third War broke out and this time Raylan would not go alone but with both his sons into the war.
However they would not be on the field of action due to his promise to Lain that he would keep them both

Alive. However.. He managed to keep them alive but not himself.
It was during the battle of Hyjal that he had found his doom in the pillaging of the human camp by Archimonde.
He preserved Jaina's escape to the Horde camp at cost of his own life.

His body was never recovered.

Second Coming of the Lich King

After the Alliance and the Horde had pushed back the Demons in Outland the Lich King attacked Stormwind Harbor

and started expanding more into Eastern Kingdoms, in Archerus, Raylan's body was reanimated as one of the elite, fearsome

Deathknights, working under Darion Mograine, after destroying the Scarlet Enclave he attacked Light's Hope Chapel.

But the battle was lost by an intervention of Lord Tirion Fordring, the new Ashbringer. Who nearly destroyed the Lich King

on the spot. Darion and his Deathknights, including Raylan were set free and joined the side against the Lich King.

Raylan however went on alone. Looking to reunite his Family. He went trough a crazed rage after he found out
Lain found her doom 2 years Earlier. Causing death and despair in the cold Ghostlands of Quel'thalas. Wether it'd
be a Blood Elf, a Forest troll or the very Scourge


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Raylan as a Deathknight

Raylan, a Month before the Battle of Hyjal on his Visit to Southshore

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