Reave Elenor
Reave, painted in Booty Bay; by a Goblin Artist.
Vital statistics
Title Captain of the Seventh Fleet
Gender Male
Race Half-Elf
Faction The Seventh Fleet (forever)
Status N/A
Location Ship Reavus, Great Sea


Reave was born of nobility in a family in Stormwind, his human father was a land-owner; as his high-elf mother was a tailor. His family was quite wealthy, however Reave liked associating with the lower-class, as he did; his parents got more disgusted with him and had stopped him from playing outside with the other children of Stormwind, who we're not wealthy enough to play with. By the age of 12, Reave was assigned to fencing class as they planned on him joining the Fleet of the Alliance, Reave had surpassed every fencer in his school by the age of 15. He was set to join the Fleet of the Alliance on his 19th birthday.


Reave was set for training in the Fleet of the Alliance, he was a skilled fighter for pirate invasions of the Bloodsail Buccaneers. As he battled them he thought to himself as how life as an actual pirate would be, rather then fighting as a sailor in the army when he could be going onto better things. As of this, he had gathered a few troops on the ship to overthrow the captain; he was successful and had taken his first ship. He had started his life as a pirate at the age of 26. However, nearing the age of death - he had found an artifact, if he had sacrificed a persons of young age to this artifact he would gain his youth back. He had used this and successfully his young self was back. He was alot more agile and could live for an eternity, however great youth costs a great price, as Reave had found out that his entire fleet had been killed.




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