The Regiment of Theramore was a guild on Moonglade (EU), a roleplay-based military guild in service of Theramore Isle. The regiment was originally formed on Darkmoon Faire (EU), but most of the members transfered to Moonglade in early 2008. The guild had many different leaders, and had disbanded and reformed several times. The regiment recruited players that roleplay and were fairly active. We recruited all races of the Alliance, and required members were over level ten. A minimum of 1-3 hours playing the game each day was asked of members. A friendly guild willing to help members at all times

The guild disbanded when several of the Lieutenants stopped being as active, and as a result many members lost interested. With the regiment falling to pieces, it was disbanded shortly after the death of Kyelv Sorel.

General Information

  • Main language - English
  • Abbreviation - RoT
  • We accept humans, dwarves, gnomes, night elves and draeneis of the Alliance.
  • Warriors and paladins prefered. Special roles assigned to mages, rogues, etc.
  • Requirement of at least level ten to apply, to show some dedication to your character.
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