Riex Kyulni
Riex, in the forests of the Dare'ith Garden.
Vital statistics
Title King of the Dare'ith
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Faction The Dare'ith
Status N/A
Location The Dare'ith Throne, Darathe City


Riex was born under Warlock Sirex Kyulni and his wife Ninael Venalor, he was raised in the city of Silvermoon before it was rebuilt, he was never skilled under shadow magic. However, Sirex did not feel the need to scold him for it as Sirex's father was a paladin and did not approve of him joining the Warlock Academy; for this Sirex was always proud of what Riex did. Riex had trained in the light, as he thought that was best for him and as he could easily heal wounds of people who had been bullied or the people of old. He had a fascination with the light and had always wanted to wield it, and so he did. By the age of 16, he was assigned to The Blood Knights by his father Sirex, costing a large sum of gold. However, Riex promised his father that he would adventure and pay his father back the gold, Sirex agreed and so Riex went to paladin training for five long years.

By the age of 23, Riex had betrayed the Blood Knights and had rebelled against the city of Silvermoon, trying to overthrow the king. He had failed and was exiled along with the other blood knights who had joined him. They had began to wield the shadow and the light, calling themselves "The Dare'ith", they accepted any being, however mostly blood elves and exiles of other cities, namely Horde.


Riex had been involved in the Blood Knights for quite a while, however he did not feel that the light was his calling and that he could accomplish more, due to his facination with the light. He had thought to himself how powerful the shadow would be combined with this, namely priests who could yield shadow and light. He had gotten a fascination with both, as he tried to wield the shadow; he had failed. He knew that the only way for this was to ask his father and so he did. His father had taught him a bit of Shadow, which he had picked up. Using this, he could fire bolts of shadow which could launch a blast healing his allies.

Riex had betrayed the Blood Knights later in life, as he knew that he was more powerful then this. More powerful then anything, however failing to take over the city of Silvermoon. He had been turned away by the king and exiled out of the city and the forests of the Blood Elves. He was no-longer allowed anywhere and was branded an exile among horde members, namely the Blood Elves. He had began a new army, "The Dare'ith", a group accepting all exiles and all things which had been betrayed by their fellows. They were taught both shadow and light and had branded themselves a new race, due to their change of eye color. They had called themselves "Dareth'anar".




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