The deceased wife of Melchamas the Relinquished. The two met upon the world of Argus, and fell in love when Melchamas began tutoring other Eredar in magical defense. Impressed by her control over the most ferocious magic, Melchamas took Saalane's hand in marriage and the two formed the Argun Arcane Guard. The couple went on to have two sons: Zasalathar and Zaelas.

Unfortunatley the seed of corruption took Melchamas' mind to the heights of dementia, and when his wife refused to join his side when choosing the follow the Legion, Melchamas cut off her head with his sword.

Ever since he was purified and got his memory back of his life prior to his corruption, Melchamas remembers with horror that he slew the only Draenei he saw himself spending the rest of his life with. He is forever troubled by this. Melchamas slew thousands of Eredar and Draenei during his time as Lord of The Flamewrath Division but none play upon his conscience as does the death of his beloved. Fortunately for the Harbingers, it makes Melchamas all the more repentant and pious and eager to seek out and destroy corruption.

His second son, Zaelas never forgave his father for what he did, regardless of the corruption befell. Zaelas currently does not comunicate with his father.

During her life, Saalane was a very clam and well-liked Draenei. She had a seeming aura of soothing, and her ability to control chaotic magic was incredible. She had an extreme distaste for violence, and thus refused to follow Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. Sadly, this also meant she refused to defend herself against her husband's wrath. She sacrficied her remaining magicl power to transport Zaelas into the safety of Velen's warders and left herself to be slain.

Physical Appearence

Saalane was killed when she was only in young adulthood, and thus records of her apeparence are left at such.

Saalane was an extremely beautiful Draenei. Her skin gleamed a violet colour, and her hair coloured jade. Her head sported two curved horns, her hair usually worn up in a high coronet or ponytail. Her figure was lean and slight, even for one of her people. She usually wore a smile on her face, even in troubled times. Her natural ability to bring hope to those with none seemed evident to all but herself.


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