Sarias 'Sylis' ShardScythe, was once an agent of the Kirin Tor. When he walked Azeroth as one of the living, he was known as Sarias Darkwood, natural son of the famous magus Kahn Darkwood and brother to the adopted elven child Jherak Shardscythe. Kahn's death was at the hands of his two sons when he tried to kill Jherak for reasons unknown. Sarias led his younger brother south to escape persecution from those who believed them criminals. In their solitude they perfected their skills over shadow and ice, making a living as mercenaries and assassins. It was in the land now known as Duskwood where Sarias caught the plague from a witch commanding a large scourge battalion. Sarias forced his brother to leave when he realised where his unholy fate would take him, reluctantly he left Sarias' side never to return. When Sylis was freed from the Lich King's grasp he found himself lost and without purpose until he was recruited into the Soulfall Enclave, a forsaken warband who acted in silent on behalf of the Banshee Queen, after an age of fighting and ruin the Enclave was absorbed into the great forsaken congregation: The Old Lordaeron.

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