Scalesa the Seeker
Scalesa the Seeker
Vital statistics
Title "Treasure Hunter"
Gender Female
Race Half-Elf
Faction Alliance
Class Mage
Profession Mercenary, "Treasure Hunter"
Status Alive
Location Azeroth

"Look, they're probably not going to miss what we take! They're dead!" - Scalesa, justifying her occupation

General Information

Scalesa is a Half-Elven sorceress and adventurer who serves the Alliance as a collector of treasures and enlisted soldier.

Physical Description

At first glance, one might mistake Scalesa for a short, slender Human woman or perhaps a stocky High Elf, but the slight points to her ears betray her Half-Elven blood. Her build suggests a fair amount of physical activity - more than one would expect of a practicioner of the arcane arts, at any rate. Her bone white hair is worn up, and frames a face set with violet eyes. While her expression is usually one of disinterest, every so often an uneasy smile will cross her face.


Under Construction!

"I'm a 'product of my environment'. Now it's your turn to tell me your excuse for being so judgemental and uppity." -Scalesa, to a Paladin

Give it time...


"Well, gee, I wouldn't know anything about that! Remember? I grew up around Humans. All I know about is kittens and embroidery!" -Exchanging barbs with a Blood Elf

"I named him Incantagos. See, I took your advice and gave him a magicky-sounding name that ended in '-gos'. I was going to name him 'Cantripagos', because he liked watching me use this cantrip I use to clean myself, but I figured that'd be a little underwhelming once he got old like you. 'Incantagos' sounds much more intimidating, don't you think?" -On naming her "son"

"What got me through being picked on when I was little, was the fact that all the kids who did it would start to look old a lot sooner than I did.'" -Explaining how she coped with being picked on

"Heh, look at her, she thinks she's on fire! ...she'll wake up. She might be a little spooked or even traumatised, but I get a clean conscience, we get her key, and you and I are both happy!" -Scalesa, justifying what amounts to psychological torture to a disgusted fellow adventurer

"Killing the poor thing would be more merciful, at that point..." -A disgusted fellow adventurer's reaction to the above quote

Other Information

This character is played on the United States Sisters of Elune server.

For purposes of roleplaying, consider Scalesa's combat magics to be illusions that affect the senses of their targets when in battle against most Humanoid foes - she prefers not to kill, if she can help it.

For purposes of roleplaying, consider Scalesa the Seeker to be Chaotic Neutral in alignment, with Chaotic Evil tendencies.