Shalkis wearing her Abjurer set
Guild Last Stand
Gender Female
Race Troll
Class Mage
Faction Horde

Shalkis, formerly of the Frostmane Tribe.

General Information


A tall female troll with a pale blue skin and deep blue dreadlocks. Normally she wears a flowing blue robe with gold trims. Together with gloves and a veil, only her red eyes are exposed, even her ears are hidden. Her right arm hangs limply.

Her posture is good, but her movements are slow, using only the minimum amount of force required to move her limbs. She has a disinterested look on her eyes, and can often be caught looking through whoever she's talking to.

She is often accompanied by a Smolderweb spider. The spider is constantly making small movements, and is keeping it's many eyes examining the surroundings.


In combat, she wears Frozen Shadoweave with Destruction Holo-gogs. Her movements are focused, and her eyes lock themselves into her target. As her attacks ramp upwards from simple frostbolts to Water Elementals and Blizzards, so do her taunts. Ranging from simple one-liners to megalomaniacal premonitions of doom, they are met by varying amounts of amusement and fear by her opponents.


She is a Frostmane troll, born during the Second War. The war was taxing to the dwarves, with orcish invaders taking control of large parts of Khaz Modan. The Frostmanes took advantage of this and hunted dwarves and their game more aggressively. When the Horde was pushed back, the Alliance retaliated against the Frostmane villages. Many of them were burned, including Shalkis' village. Standing alone, the Frostmanes did not recover from these attacks. They hold a presence in Dun Morogh even today. But due to malnutrition, they are smaller and weaker than other trolls. The strong dwarven nation leaves little game for the Frostmanes to hunt.

After fleeing from her burning village, she collapsed in the snowstorm, and nearly died from the burns and hypothermia. Fortunately, she was discovered by a group of goblins returning from an espionage mission at Gnomeregan. Seeing the young troll as free labor, they rescued her and transported her to Booty Bay, where she worked off her debt as a barmaid and an engineer's assistant. The hands of a child were perfect in assembling small parts. She spent most of her youth in the pirate town.


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