Guild Twilight Guard
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Faction Alliance

Mercenary and bounty hunter.

General Information

  • Name: Shard | Edwin DeLavey
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Age: End of the 20s.
  • Place of Birth: Stratholme


Shard is just under six feet tall, and is more strongly built than the archtypical male spellcaster. His short-cut hair and beard as well as his eyes are dark brown. He has a triangular brandmark on the left side of his chest, right above his heart, generally hidden underneath layers of clothing.

Shard can most usually be seen wearing dark, well-worn coat-like robes and an old, red hat.

Brief History

Edwin was born in Stratholme, but was adopted away not many months after his birth under unknown circumstances. His new foster-family was a noblehouse of Lordaeron, the DeLavey-family.

Some years after the Second War, Edwin and his family moved to the recently-rebuilt Stormwind, separating Edwin from his Lordaeron friends. As an act of rebelry, he quickly got connected to the more shady parts of life in Stormwind, and neglected his family’s expensive tutoring in favor for the cheap thrills the low life had to offer. Outraged by his behaviour, Edwin’s family decided to send him off to church-school in Lordaeron.

This was not well-taken by Edwin, and the night he left, a fire befell his family’s estate, killing everyone but his fosterfather’s brother. Edwin was quickly accused and trialed in absentia for the crime, and soldiers of law as well as bountyhunters were sent to Lordaeron to bring him to justice.

To escape his fate, Edwin faked his own death, went in hiding and abandoned his old name, embracing his old Stormwind streetname instead.

Shard is currently working as a mercenary and bountyhunter, constantly changing where and who he’s working for, in order to make him harder to track down.

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