Sijk Zen'ja

Sijk Zen'ja is one of the last remaining troll of the Drakkari tribe of Northrend. He was a loyal fighter of his adopted clan the Frostwolves. In the search for something that may help him free his beloved Northrend and those of his tribe from the cold grip of the Lich.


~Like most of the trolls of the Drakkari Tribe Sijk is roughly 8ft tall (Although Sijk stands just under that at 7.11ft.) Once Sijk had a great mohawk of white hair though after fleeing Northrend and those few warriors that wished to fight on he cut his hair clean off as a sign of his self-imposed exile. Sijk's most distinguishing features are his bent right ear and partually blinded right eye, it remains clouded though still retains most of its movement.


Sijk was once the typical barbaric Drakkari troll, renouned for their extremely violent and cruel behavior and hunger for raw meat. Nowerdays Sijk has reformed somewhat, often claiming that the Frostwolf Orcs 'Softened him up' by refusing him raw meat. Perhaps this is so, though deep within Sijks thoughs he knows the true reason for his complete change of life style was the death of his mate.. and that it was partly by his own hand.

Sijk is sarcastic plain and simple. At time he can be crude in the way in which he puts things quite often not bothering with the plesantrys of small talk when something important needs to be said. After hearing of the Forsaken and how they broke free of the Lich's grasp it inspired Sijk to think that his people could be saved. Setting the cogs of his own education in motion Sijk has develped an interest in engineering after meeting the Goblins of Everlook. Sijk is quite possiably the only member of the Drakkari tribe to see a book as anything more that something to burn. As most trolls Sijk i weary of the Bloodelves even though he was not witness to most of the war between the Trolls and Blood elves the tales of the battle and destruction of the Troll empire has been one he is all too familiar with.


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