Silvermoon Civil War
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Coneptual idea for Civil War boundries between two factions in Silvermoon.
Vital statistics
Participants Open Event
Date To Be Determined
Location Silvermoon

Tensions between the elven population in Silvrmoon have been rising, there are some who would take advantage of recent events and drama to spark what has been coming for a long time, a Civil War in Silvermoon between the wielders of dark arts (Death Knights, Warlocks, Rogues) and those of the Light and old ways (Paladins, Priest, Hunters).

The event

The following is a brief description on sparking a new kind of Roleplay event on the Argent Dawn (US) server.

Within Silvermoon there have been a lot of things going on that not everyone knows about. Tensions between peoples characters have risen, and distrust is all about. Then again, some others feel the quality of RP on the server has been slipping. So, inspired partially by peoples Roleplaying, and the Battle for Undercity event, A few members of the AD server community have decided to make use of the character tension between RPers. Some may dislike the idea, however we hope it's widely accepted and played out by everyone.

The war is simple, either side receives a portion of the city declared as their "territory" depending on their stand point in the war. Originally, the idea was heavily based on Warlock vs Paladin ideals, but obviously that wouldn't work due to people having different opinions on things. Instead, characters who favor Dark Arts, Necromancy, Demonology, Thievery, and over all more sinister dealings would obviously side with others of similar desire, while the other players whose characters favor the Light, honor, and natural things would side with the opposite.

This does not mean a person is limited to which side they can join based on class. No, rather it depends on that characters morals and ideals.

To keep either side interesting, players will elect someone to act as a liaison, or leader of their side, even an official name for their organization. This does not mean the leader will have absolute power over others, perhaps even multiple players could share leadership, as a council All depends on the community.


The War would last a set amount of days/weeks/months. Truly it depends on the players who are involved to decide. Some players may even wish to continue the war even after it is officially deemed over. Then again, perhaps it will never be resolved, and the battle will continue.

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