Name:Sirex Kyulni
Race:Blood Elf
Allignment:Neutral Evil
Status:N/A Not Available
Affiliation:Silvermoon City (Formerly?)
Weapon(s) Of Choice:Fel Magic

Shadow Magic

Relatives:Riex Kyulni (Son)

Sel Kyulni (Daughter)


Sirex was born to a broken family in Silvermoon, his mother left him with his father.
One of the few real High Elven paladins. Sirex spent most his early childhood in the
hospital as his frail body was caught by sickness quite often, but he became stronger

in time, though never destined to become a Paladin or anything close to that. He

decided to use his brain rather then his muscles. He studied the arts of Magic.

As he grew up the First War flew by and the Orcs never got to the Elven Borders

at that point. Sirex knew there was a conflict bound to happen which needed
Elven Support, so he trained as hard as he could for the final test, 10 years later.

The Second War, his Father's Demise

Sirex joined in the expirimental Warlock Division and went to war with the orcs and forest trolls, mainly opperating in Quel'thalas he was there when the Elves stuck it to the Forest Trolls and pushed them into Zul'Aman. The war eventually came to an end, but when Sirex came home he did not find his father but rather a strange lady, she appeared to be his mother, he imidiately knew what was wrong and left the next day to travel on his own.

The Third War, Sirex's Son

Before the Third War Sirex had met a young lady, who bore his son 9 months later, a healthy child which he named Riex. But the lady which he wanted to spend his life with eventually met her demise in the early Third War. Sirex met Raylan Seyvon as his Ally, he would command the Lordaeron forces and Sirex would support him with the Warlock Division of which he had became the Captain by that time. The two became good friends and planned to visit eachother regularly after the war.. But that was too good to be true, Raylan had died later the day they agreed to that.

Sirex's Mysterious dissapearance

Two years after the third war, Sirex had some brief encounters with Sel and Riex

After that no one ever heard of him untill this day.

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