The orc ran down an alley in Silvermoon, cursing in his gutteral language. He turned a corner to see a single female elf up ahead, blocking his path. She wore a gauzy silk dress. He snarled as he ran towards her. She stopped playing with her hair and set herself, grabbing the orc's hip and shoulder as he got close. The orc was dimly aware of the sensation of flying before crashing down on a stack or wooden crates. He grabbed a piece of broken wood and charged the woman. His makeshift club seemed to come crashing down on her. But when he lifted his club, she had vanished. He belted out an orcish war cry and swung the club around him. Kaelia dropped from the balcony above, throwing dagger after dagger at the orc. He dropped his club as his wrist was impaled by one of her knives, and staggered back to a wall. The orc saw only a flurry of silk and steel as she landed. She threw two more daggers, each one pinning a shoulder to the wall behind him. Before he could pull them out, her bare foot was at his throat, her leg exposed by a slit in the fabric. She spoke in musical tones. "I wouldn't move if I were you." The orc ceased struggling as she slowly shifted her weight onto his throat. He gasped for air, managing to choke out a few words. "Thrall will hear of this! Mark my words, elf!" She smiled sweetly and replied, "Thrall is just another word for slave, you know." Two elves, Selicia and Thyrew, came running around the corner. They stopped when they saw Kaelia and the orc. The athletic male elf spoke, "Nice work, Kae." The two elves bound the orc's hands and feet. Kaelia reluctantly stepped off of his neck. "He'll make an excellent bodyguard. He almost made me sweat." While Selisia clasped a slave's collar on the orc, Kaelia noticed Thyrew was staring at her revealing robe. She crossed her arms in annoyance. "Thyrew, the next time your cockiness lets a slave escape, we'll have to find a collar in your size." Thyrew nodded and led the slave down the alley, with Selisia following. With a sigh, Kaelia turned and entered one of the taverns that she did her hunting in. After all, a slaver's work is never done.

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