Guild Concept

The Society is a sophisticated members-only club, made for the Stormwind upper class and its intellectual elite. The club is conveniently based around the central plaza in the Stormwind Keep, where the Royal Library and the Royal Gallery reside.

Its members are a group of acquaintances who share some interests and pursuits. Members generally have an active interest in politics, magic, literature, sport or philosophy. Some of its members are highly aristocratic, but any man or woman with a credible claim to the status of "gentleman" may apply, unless his or her character is very objectionable in some way.

The Society is in effect a "second home" where members can relax, mix with their friends, play parlour games and get a meal. The Society allows the upper and upper-middle class citizens of Stormwind to spend their time in grand surroundings.

The goal of the Society is to promote the social intercourse of the Reformers of Stormwind. The Stormwind Council, and some members of the old aristocracy, should heed the voices of those noble and wise citizens that lack representation and influence they so rightly deserve.


Members and their guests are required to conform to standards of dress and conduct which are normal in the Society, when attending Society events. In exercising their judgement in this respect, members and their guests shall give full consideration to the feelings of others.

Recognised military armour, religious dress and service dress uniforms may be worn at any time.

Its tabard is white, with red borders and a red keyhole displayed upon its crest.

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