Full Name Targup
Race Imp
Profession Servant of Soleindria
Affiliation Burning Legion
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic neutral

Targup was an Imp who became slaved to Soleindria's service during the Age of Chaos.


As one of the first demons ever summoned by his master, Targup has been by Soleindria’s side longer than any of her other minions. He frequently provides insight on Legion matters or comments on the world. Soleindria often uses him to run errands.

With a long history by his master’s side, it is surprising that he’s avoided banishment as frequently as he has. Fortunately or not, Soleindria is abnormally partial to her minions, and there has been no less than three occasions over the years where Targup was almost permanently banished to the nether. Accidentally setting an inn that Soleindria was visiting on fire was the first offense, followed a few years later by “misplacing” a demonic artifact. More recently, Targup nearly revealed his master’s true allegiance while in Silvermoon City. This was the closest Soleindria had ever come to truly banishing Targup, she at the last moment she changed her mind.


As is typical with Imp’s, Targup is rather rambunctious and untamed. Opinionated and disruptive, he has no problem questioning his master and causing trouble. Fortunately he seems to have a healthy fear of his master, which prevents him from drifting too far from her leash.

Fearful of rainbows, taking pleasure in shiny things, there’s particularly little unique about the demon. He is almost always at Soleindria’s side, but evades detection by most by remaining phase shifted.


Targup’s skin is purple in color, similar to fel imps. Otherwise there is nothing noteworthy about the imp’s appearance. He carried a small satchel across his chest that is bulging with herbs, vials and some valuables.

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