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Stromgarde is a human nation in the Arathi Highlands located on the site of the original capital of Arathor, Strom. During the Second War, Thoras Trollbane, Lord of Stromgarde, joined his kingdom with the Alliance of Lordaeron. The kingdom declined rapidly following the Third War, losing control of much of its territory and capital city. Its current population sits at a low 1,200. At the time of World of Warcraft, it is led by Prince Galen Trollbane. The national color of Stromgarde is red and is all what remains of the mighty human Empire of Arathor.

Stromgarde is still remembered as the starting point of humanity and still exists, though much weaker than ever before, its population and territory being greatly diminished. Jaina Proudmoore managed to convince a number of people from Stromgarde to join her exodus to Kalimdor during the Third War, forming the Stromgarde Brigade. Stromgarde's armies, however, are far from defeated and still maintains a base of strategic operations at the crevasse known as Refuge Pointe in the Highlands, as well as portions of the devastated capital city itself. The forces of Stromgarde formed the League of Arathor, which fights to free the rest of the Arathi Highland, the Arathi Basin, and its many resources, from the hands of the Forsaken Defilers and the forces of Hammerfall.

  • Stromgarde is also the setting for the popular fan movie Return which won an award at BlizzCon.
  • The area outside the walls of Stromgarde is also used in South Park's "Make Love, Not Warcraft" episode.
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