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Surlon grew up as a happy young lad of the templars. Which where one of the best among the protectors of the light for generations.<br>He was always training to become a Paladin. untill recently when the Dark Portal opened. two of his brothers died<br>Simon - Captain of the 24th Stormwind infantry and Remi - Member of the Elite Templars.<br>Which Surlon later on joined. He always stayed strong even though two of his brothers died<br>and his other brother. Sven, member of the Duskwood Night Watch. hated his guts.
[[Surlon Seyvon|Moved to Surlon Seyvon]]
Surlon was always loyal to his leaders. But to one in particular. Lord Kevarus. Who later on started a clan.<br>Known as the Bloodhill Bandits. This made Surlon corrupt more and more everyday untill eventually.<br>He used his Paladin powers for the bandits instead of for the light.<br>Making him vunerable for Threats like becoming a Deathknight. Or worse...<br><br>Name: Surlon Yorgen<br>Age: 29<br>Race: Human<br>Class: Paladin<br>Faction: Bloodhill Bandits and Allies<br>Family: [] Sven Yorgen - Simon Yorgen (deceased) - Remi Yorgen (deceased)<br><br>Timeline<br><br>Age 8: Surlon starts his training as a Paladin<br>Age 14: Surlon's first fight as a Templar<br>Age 20: Surlon's promotion to Captain<br>Age 25: Opening of the Dark Portal - Death of his two brothers<br>Age 27: Surlon joins his old leader Kevarus in his new Clan.<br>(Following moments may be changed over time)<br>Age 35: Surlon faces a new threat: The Scourge<br>Age 36: After a year of fighting, Surlon gets captured<br>Age 39: Surlon becomes a Deathknight<br>Age 40: Surlon kills his last brother after being some kind of undercover deathknight in Stormwind<br><br><br><br> SERVER: Moonglade<br>

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