Surlon was born two years before his brother Sven in the the forests of Duskwood on a small patch of land

Surlon Confront.png
Surlon, Shortly before Confronting Lokai, who had joined the Scarlet Crusade in Scarlet Cathedral.
Name:Surlon Yorgen
Allignment:Lawful Neutral
Affiliations:Stormwind GuardDuskwood Night Watch (inactive member)
Specialization:Heavy Armed Combat
Sven Yorgen (Brother)

Lokai Yorgen (Brother)

Weapon of Choice: Two-Handed AxesTwo-Handed Swords

Holy Light (Magic)

Residence:Yorgen Farmstead, Duskwood (Formerly)

Stormwind (Temporarily)

which his family called home. There they specialized in breeding horses, Surlon was thought to ride horses at a young
age. But then the First War broke out his father was lost in battle and they lived in fear as the

Orcs let them live in what they would reffer to as 'peace'. They would opress the people of the territory they had taken.
and it wasn't untill the second war that they were set free. In the Aftermath of the second war the Horse Breeding business
flourished and horseriding became very popular among travelers and knights due to proven efficiency in wars.

The Night Watch and Scourge

When Surlon became a teen the third war broke out with its many aweful results. Surlon had to learn his way with a sword,
as undead came closer to the Farmlands of Duskwood. Though the plague being hardly of any threat in these parts the undead
would come in great numbers, the Town Hero, Morgan Ladimore Fell to the hands of the Scourge leaving his second-in-command
Althea Ebonlocke who renamed the Duskwood Guard to The Night Watch Every man was forced to join, so Surlon unavoidably
did too.

Strange Spikey hair

On one of his missions Surlon got into a brief misunderstanding with the local priest,
as he had thought he insulted his fighting while merely suggesting he could be part of
Priesthood rather then being a warrior. The Priest in his defense after Surlon's stupid attempt
to attack him shocked a heavy ammount of Disciplining Holy Light into Surlon's body, causing it
to react against it giving Surlon a slight resistance to Holy Magic but a disadvantage against Shadow
Magic. His hair changed as a result of this.

Initiation in Paladinhood

Three years later Surlon Travelled to Northshire to learn to become a Paladin in hopes of returning to Duskwood one day and liberating it from the Scourge and Worgen who, 5 years before that killed his entire family appart from Sven. Sven remained in Duskwood and has looked down upon Surlon's decision to leave his post at the Night Watch to train in Northshire. His first steps were to help the Northshire guard get rid of some irritating rats. It was during that time he met Lokai who later was revealed to be his brother.

Outland and Northrend

After a 15 year long training he finally mastered most of his skills yet before he could go back to Duskwood he was called to Outland to fight back against the Demons. As a Paladin he was very adept at this. And he mostly operated in Honor Hold under Lord Trollbane. After the Demons were pushed back to Shadowmoon Surlon was called back to Stormwind as the Scourge had invaded the Harbor prior to the renewed Northrend Campaign. It was in Northrend were he finally ranked up to Captain. He and other heroes of the alliance and horde would fight off the scourge as the leaders of the Alliance will face off against Arthas in hopes to stop him. Not knowing the dangers of what lies ahead.

Confrontation with his brother

After these fights. Surlon returned to the Eastern Kingdoms and travelled to the Scarlet Monestary, Where he confronted his brother shortly before Renault Mograine was killed by Sylvanas Windrunner and her forces. Forcing them to flee from the powerful Dark Ranger.


With the power of the holy light, Comes great responsibility, i guess you became too powerful for your own good. (Before fighting Lokai)

Sylvanas Windrunner is here? Lokai, we have to continue this some other time, neither of us can stand up to her OR an army like that (During the Seige of Scarlet Monestary)


Surlon, Shortly before his conflict with the priest.

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