Surlon grew up as a happy young lad of the templars. Which where one of the best among the protectors of the light for generations.
He was always training to become a Paladin. untill recently when the Dark Portal opened. two of his brothers died
Simon - Captain of the 24th Stormwind infantry and Remi - Member of the Elite Templars.
Which Surlon later on joined. He always stayed strong even though two of his brothers died
and his other brother. Sven, member of the Duskwood Night Watch. hated his guts.

Surlon was always loyal to his leaders. But to one in particular. Lord Kevarus. Who later on started a clan.
Known as the Bloodhill Bandits. This made Surlon corrupt more and more everyday untill eventually.
He used his Paladin powers for the bandits instead of for the light.
Making him vunerable for Threats like becoming a Deathknight. Or worse...

Name: Surlon Yorgen
Age: 29
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Faction: Bloodhill Bandits and Allies
Family: Sven Yorgen - Simon Yorgen (deceased) - Remi Yorgen (deceased)


Age 8: Surlon starts his training as a Paladin
Age 14: Surlon's first fight as a Templar
Age 20: Surlon's promotion to Captain
Age 25: Opening of the Dark Portal - Death of his two brothers
Age 27: Surlon joins his old leader Kevarus in his new Clan.
(Following moments may be changed over time)
Age 35: Surlon faces a new threat: The Scourge
Age 36: After a year of fighting, Surlon gets captured
Age 39: Surlon becomes a Deathknight
Age 40: Surlon kills his last brother after being some kind of undercover deathknight in Stormwind

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