Guild Shadow Souls
Gender Male
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Faction Alliance


Swiftwing Shinefeather has always been the life of the party. He enjoys a good time and is very playful. So much so that most people never really take him serously with anything that he does. But his personality completely changes when there is a threat. He becomes very protective and strong willed. He is always ready to do what ever it takes to do the right thing.


Swiftwing was born in a reagion just north of Astranaar in a village that belonged to The Owl's Shadow Clan. There is where he learned all he needed to know about being a good hunter. He had thought that he would be able to spend eternity there with his wife Anat Shinefeather, and his two children, Gustawind and Allarah. But when the green and pink skins and the Burning Legion returned to Azeroth Swift was asked to join a special group of scouts in order investigate the strength of the Demon horde. At the end of the Third War Swift was give the leadership of his team, The Fireflies and returned to his decimated village. His wife was killed in one of the undead raids, but not before she was able to allow her children enough time to escape the raid.

Only a handful of The Owl's Shadow Clan survived. Swift and his children were devistated over the loss of thier Wife and Mother. They spent much time near the moonwells mourning her until they met another surviver of their fallen clan, Namu Catspaw. Swift at first was reluctant to spend more time with the beautiful Kalimdorei but his since his children became so attatched he also began to become more attatched. Now the four are almost inseparable.


  • "OUCH!...Well that didn't feel too sexy at all."
  • "You know...if your going to do that, let me show you how its...Oops."
  • "Bandu Thorabas!"
  • "You know its the right thing to do."


On the Tram [1]

The Owls [2]

Concentration [3]


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