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Guild The Spirit Wolves
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Faction Horde

Takuur Thunderclaw is known to be the current Spiritual Leader of The Spiritwolf Tribe, also recognized as the Spirit Caller.



The tauren is consisting of a high talled body, light pointed horns and a young face, that speak for itself - wise, yet annoyed or perhaps even lazy.

Over his body, light gray, dense fur is placed, reflecting a rather depressive influence. You may find a bit darker spots under his shoulders and over the inner side of hands and legs. Yet, his face is as light as the greater majority. His tail is for a difference very dark, except the end of it - that one is pure white, making him a quick target even from long distances.

Both hands are short and weak - yet, they are very agile and can lift the tauren at all. The right one is a bit stronger, as it is usual for rightists. They are visibly created and trained likewise for hard, spell-gestures and additional acting while doing speeches. His nails, or rather claws, are completely black and they would be transparent if made from a different matter.

The legs are a living difference - they are long and extremly strong, as they must be to carry such a massive body. They are the darker part of Takuur's body. However, there is a pretty, dangerous wound on the right thight - a deep wound, most probably cut out with a claw is laying there, un-cicatrized and a smaller bone piece, mostly covered with rotting meat. However, the legs are strong enough to carry him, even if walking with a slight limp.

His hooves are gray, and pretty used off. They are making improper trails, yet they are usually to deep, to get easily washed off. As of so, this is a bad characteristic for him - if not shifted in one of the few forms, he is not the best in hiding.

You may usually find him leaned on a wall, thoughtfull, self-annoyed while stroking his huge wolf Vor'Kha.



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