"Great Uncle, it is time to awaken" "Actually he is your Great great great Uncle" Starm'es'ingar sighed "That takes too long to say, anyway he can't hear us so what does it matter?" Her brother leaned in close "Uncle Tar'am'us has fought in many wars for our people, each time returning to sleep within the Emerald dream. I was told the last time he was awake he fought against the Burning Legion itself." "I know I remember mum's stories too. What do you think he dreams about?"

"Peace and quiet mostly, if you really want to know"

Both the night elven children leaped back to the edge of hollow tree they were stood in. The sleeping figure pushed himself slowly to a seating position. He cleared his throat, "It appears it is once again my time to walk the path under Elune's light, tell me - do the Orcs still exist and what news of manfolk do you know?"

Every week for as long as they could remember they had checked the sleeping form of this ancient ancestor and now here he sat asking them questions. They bolted for the door in perfect unison as if by some unheard command.

"Was it something I said?" The ancient Druid chuckled to himself. It was a few minutes before his limbs were strong enough to stand and then make his way to the lake to cleanse himself. The water was refreshing and reminded him of the Emerald dream though the time he had spent there was more like vague feelings than actual memories.

"About time you got on your feet again" "It is good to hear your voice again Shan'do, how do the Kaldorei fair?" "Well enough Tar'am'us, are you rested?" "Of course I have been asleep for, actually no one has said yet." "Centuries this time old friend." "My family?" "The ones you remember. All returned. I am sorry Tar'am'us. Those two who ran screaming through the village are the newest generation of those that are related to you." "I will meet them, then I will come to you Shan'do, you can tell me then what it is you require of me" "I can tell you that now Thero'shan, seek out the Azaroth Templars my friend, help and guide them." "To the best of my ability."

Kinji Shiro sat in his office reading a letter, he looked up as a disciple walked past his door, "you, let the guards know to expect another Druid from the Elves, this one is called Tarmus. Give him a bunk in the east dorm." The disciple nodded and headed off towards the front gate. He walked to the window of his office and looked out over the courtyard and the groups of men and woman training below. "We will be ready soon, the light be willing it will not be too late".

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