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Former Vindicator turned knight errant. Teca e'Veritas was tutored in the path of the Holy Light of Creation aboard the Oshu'gun and eventually took up the mantle of Vindicator. As a result of the fights against the demonically-corrupted orcs, she exhibited signs of being affected by their fel energies; her transformation into a Broken or Lost One was halted by her mentor K'ure but at the expense of her prowess with the Light. Bereft of her powers and stranded on a new world, Teca renounced her position and sought new meaning.


  • Name: Teca e'Veritas
  • Server: Feathermoon (US)
  • Race: Draenei
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6,587
  • Birthday: 1 May
  • Class: Warrior (Spec)
  • Guild: The Regiment
  • Rank: Recruit
  • Quote:
  • Professions: Tailoring, Enchanting


Tall and lean with clear blue eyes, Teca e’Veritas exhibits an exotic beauty that is at odds with her decidedly militant appearance. Smooth muscles honed by decades of training play along her slender limbs as she moves, obscured only by the bulk of her armor. The draenei moves with an easy elegance, casually shouldering the burden of the heavy war mace on her shoulder.

Short black hair and soft darkened skin serve as a backdrop for wide, expressive eyes and lips that seems to find their natural placement in a broad grin of pleasure. Fine lines fan out from the corners of her eyes, hinting at an age far older than Teca appears, but the quality of her skin and the firmness of her figure tell an entirely different story.


Coupled with her often overwhelming personality and stubbornness, Teca is a woman to be reckoned with. When confronted with a challenge, she eagerly throws all of her effort into overcoming it. She enjoys the struggle and the opportunity to pit her skills and wits against new trials. However, the draenei woman is capable of utilizing her quick wits to analyze a situation and is more than willing to concede when the situation looks impossible.

In general, she’s a genuinely nice person. While she may not go out of her way to help others, Teca would find it difficult to idly stand by while others are in dire trouble. She possesses an eagerness to embrace life that can be at times contagious. With her dry sense of humor and friendly demeanor, she can typically diffuse most situations before they lead to a confrontation. Optimistic though practical, Teca rarely manages to lose her temper; even under pressure, she typically maintains her positive outlook on life.

Despite her normally confident disposition, there are times when Teca may act otherwise. She’ll seem a bit more cautious and reserved, all while seeming to draw inwards. This brief foray into melancholy is the result of Teca’s fears that she is a poor servant of the Light and has failed to embody the ideals taught to her by her mentor K’ure in her childhood, as epitomized by her recent inability to wield the powers she trained with over the millennia. These fears are best expressed by her sometimes self-deprecating remarks.

A language and cultural enthusiast, Teca exhibits a more-than-scholarly delight at meeting representatives of the many races on Azeroth. This interest in other cultures seems to have been cultivated or encouraged by her mentor and friend. While she was introduced to many differing creatures and societies on countless worlds during the time the Oshu'gun traveled the Twisting Nether, the then-Vindicator did not have the flexibility to indulge in her fancy in the past. The crashing of the Exodar on Azeroth has given her the opportunity to resume her studies. Teca's enthusiasm, however, does not detract from the task at hand - whatever it may be.

Teca claims to be fluent in over a dozen languages - only three of which can be currently found on Azeroth.


Teca e'Veritas - former |Vindicator turned knight errant - was born nearly seven thousand years ago aboard the Oshu'gun. Given to the draenei by the naaru K'ure, the dimensional ship was used to help the draenei flee the wrath of Argus and the Burning Legion. Is was here that Teca grew up. An affectionate, studious child, she was taken underwing at a young age by the naaru aboard the Oshu'gun, who tutored her in the path of the Holy Light of Creation. As the years passed, the draenei eagerly pursued her studies to the assumed delight of K'ure.

For thousands of years, the Oshu'gun traveled the Twisting Nether, visiting many worlds and exploring much of the known cosmos in the draenei's search for a safe harbor. During this time, Teca continued her tutelage, taking up the mantle of Vindicator, firmly ensconced in the teachings and traditions of her mentor. Like many who had wielded magic and since embraced the Light - such as the Prophet Velen who still seemed spry despite being having personally led the flight from their kin who had joined Sargeras many millenia ago - the then-young draenei didn't seem to age physically. She attributed this wonder to the powers of K'ure.

Eventually the dimensional ship settled upon the remote world of Draenor. Here, the draenei encountered and befriended the shamanistic orcs clans that were already living on the planet.

Teca, now over five thousand years old, remained by the side of her teacher, who had fallen ill shortly after the Oshu'gun had landed on Draenor. Even the orcs' reverence of the gem - as evidenced by the holding of a yearly springtime celebration beneath its shadow - didn't deter her; despite the unspoken draenei retreat to respect the orcs' beliefs, Teca continued to go to the Oshu'gun in order to commune with the failing K'ure.

These visits were only interrupted when the draenei came under increasing attack by the demonically-corrupted orcs and their newly established Horde. Against her wishes, Teca fled to Velen's Temple of Karabor. Considered the draenei's last safe bastion, the temple was a sacred site to the draenei. Following the assault on Telmor and the subsequent capture and defilement of the temple, Teca went into hiding in Zangarmarsh with her remaining kin. For years, they remained in hidden as the demonically-possessed Horde massacred every draenei that they could find.

Eventually the orc shaman Ner'zhul attempted to open portals to many other worlds in an insane bid for power, resulting in a backlash of energy that tore Draenor apart. Overwhelmed by their enemies' might, the draenei planned an assault on the Tempest Keep in order to capture the Exodar and flee Draenor. Many of the surviving draenei - Teca included - were expected to join in to aid in their escape.

However, by this time Teca was showing evidence of her struggles against the orcs; the fel energies wielded by their enemies had affected her, beginning the mutation that would transform her into the lesser form of a Broken or Lost One. Overwhelmed by the prospect of her corruption and the imminent assault to claim the Exodar, the draenei journeyed to Oshu'gun to commune with her mentor one last time and - in her mind - to bid him farewell. However, K'ure, recognizing the source of her malady, lent part of his waning power to his former student.

The mutation successfully prevented by the powers wielded by the naaru, Teca bid her teacher a sad farewell and returned to her people with a heavy heart to participate in the battle for the Exodar. The assault successful, the draenei managed to wrest control of the dimensional ship from the blood elves under the command of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, who had taken up residence there. However, unbeknownst to the draenei, their enemies had sabotaged the Exodar's reactor; upon use, the ship and her crew were hurtled across the Twisting Nether for some time until it eventually appeared in the world of Azeroth.

Teca, ejected from the Exodar in a small pod, landed on Azuremyst Isles like many other of the surviving draenei. She attempted to use her powers to heal her injured companions, only to find that she was unable to do so. With surprise, she recognized that the naaru's attempt to restore Teca to her previous conidition had not been entirely successful; as K'ure's holy energies bled away over the centuries since the Oshu'gun's arrival on Draenor, a dark void slowly grew in his place. His already-weakened powers warped by this void, K'ure had drawn on Teca's own innate strength with the Light to heal her, leaving her drained of the powers that she had until recently wielded.

Bereft of her powers and stranded with her remaining kin on a new world, Teca renounced her position as a Vindicator.

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