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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to create a character infobox. See also {{Profile}} for normal in-game player characters.
Type {{infobox character|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
The imagewidth and caption parameters only apply if the image is filled in. No image results in a placeholder image and No image yet caption.
The following parameters are optional and will not appear if left out:
  • title, class, profession, health, mana, level, status, location
This box will float (other text will wrap to left of it) on the right by default. To change float, put | float = center or | float = left. If you don't want text to wrap around, put <br clear="all"/> after the template: i.e. {{infobox character|<...>}}<br clear="all"/>
Sample output
{{infobox character
| float      = left
| name       = Bob [defaults to pagename]
| image      = Image:Example.jpg or File:Example.jpg
| imagewidth = [requires image; defaults to 250]
| caption    = Bob the Flower [requires image]
| title      = The Flower [optional]
| gender     = Male
| race       = Flowerkind
| faction    = Flora
| guild      = Flowers [optional]
| class      = Bulb [optional]
| profession = Growing [optional]
| health     = 9001 [optional]
| mana       = 4001 [optional]
| level      = 5 [optional]
| status     = Flowering [optional]
| location   = The Garden [optional]

Results in...

Bob the Flower
Vital statistics
Title The Flower
Gender Male
Race Flowerkind
Faction Flora
Guild Flowers
Class Bulb
Profession Growing
Health 9001
Mana 4001
Level 5
Status Flowering
Location The Garden

With some parameters left out, but floating on right side...

{{infobox character
| name       = Joe
| gender     = Male
| race       = Unknown
| faction    = Mysterious

Results in...

Placeholder person
No image yet
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Faction Mysterious

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