A template to make a link of article name into a WoWWiki article link.

  • 1 = Page article name (use %255f to force _underscores_).
  • 2 = Optional label name.
  • lcolor = Optional label text color.
  • pageonly = Optional suppress leading "See the " and trailing " article at WoWWiki WoWWiki." text if parameter exists (don't put a value).
  • also = Optional use "Also see..." rather than "See..." at the beginning if parameter exists (don't put a value).
  • icon = Optional show WoWWiki before link if parameter exists (don't put a value).
{{wwpage|also=|weapon master}}
{{wwpage|Altar of Shadows}}
{{wwpage|"Cookie" McWeaksauce|"Cookie" McWeaksauce <small><Cooking Trainer & Supplies></small>}}
{{wwpage|Guild#Leaving%255fa%255fguild|Leaving a guild section of Guild}}
{{wwpage|pageonly=|Hallow's End}}
See the WoWWiki unknown article at WoWWiki WoWWiki.
Also see the weapon master article at WoWWiki WoWWiki.
See the Altar of Shadows article at WoWWiki WoWWiki.
See the "Cookie" McWeaksauce <Cooking Trainer & Supplies> article at WoWWiki WoWWiki.
See the Leaving a guild section of Guild article at WoWWiki WoWWiki.
Hallow's End


See the unknown article at WoWWiki WoWWiki.

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