The end of days

Though He had faced Many challenges Before, Mathusala now Faces his greatest one yet.

Battle for Icecrown Citadel
Conflict: The Final Battle against the Scourge
Date: The End of Wrath of the Litch King
Place: Icecrown Citadel
Outcome: Arthas is utterly Vanquished but the Spirit of Ner'Zhul manages to find a new host in the form of Garathros

The Armies of the Alliance, Horde, Argent Crusade, Ebon Blade, and Legends of Honor

The Scourge


Varian, Thrall, Tirion, Darion, Mathusala

Arthas, The Litch King


approximately 2000 Troops of the Alliance/Horde as well as another 1000 from the Argent Crusade and around 500 from the Ebon Blade and Legends of Honor.

Countless undead troops, far over a million, 1000 abominations, 100 Death knights, 2000 cult of the damned members


869 Troops, 956 Argent Crusaders, 364 Ebon blade Knights, 201 members of the Legends of Honor

Every Last One of them

The Battle for Icecrown

Arthas vrs Mathusala

Mathusala Engages Arthas, trying to hold him off while his undead army is being destroyed.

The time had come, the board was set. Mathusala was to make the first move. After weeks of preperation and distractions from other events. The collective armies of the Alliance, Horde, Argent Crusade, Ebon Blade, and the Legends of Honor all gathered in front of Icecrown Citadel to at last to confront the Lich King Arthas and through him down from his frozen throne. And what a gathering, Tirion Fordring, Darion Mograine, Varian Wryn, Warchief Thrall, Rohnin, Khadgar, Danath Trollbane, A'dal, Etrigg, Garrosh Helscream, Rexxar, all of the bronzebeards, Sylvanas, Tyrande, Cairne Bloodhoof, and even Chen Stormstout. Though this force was to engage the Litch Kings endless armies in a frontal assault it would be the Legends of Honor that infiltrated Icecrown citadel and confronted Arthas. The host marched on the horror gates, beset on all sides by trials and conflict. Within the hour they arrived and began the most epic battle ever to take place on the land of Azeroth. Undead died in the hundreds of thousands but they kept coming. The numerous forces of Ner'Zhul could not be stopped by even the mighty host gathered by the peoples of the Horde and alliance. However they had yet to reveal there secret weapon, The Ashbringer, sword of the Scarlet Highlord. Tirion and his Crusaders unleashed the fury of the Argent Dawn upon the scourge which began to crumble under the heroic onslaught. However as the Heroics outside the citadel kept the forces of the Litch king at bay, Mathusala and his ragged band came at last to the spiral tower within the fortress. There, upon the Highest reaches of the Frozen Throne, Mathusala engaged the Litch King in what he knew would be the last time ever.

more to come

The Destiny of Mathusala

coming soon...

The Fighting rages on with Mathusala's bond with the light coming to help...

Believe in the Light... and all is possible

coming not to soon...

The Ashbringer in hand, infused with the light itself, Mathusala duels Arthas for perhaps the last time.

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