The Face Eater
The Face Eater
Guild N/A
Gender Non
Race Unknown
Class Deceiver
Faction The Old Gods


  • He-Whom-Is-Many
  • The Twisted of Spirits
  • The Deamon (Twisted Spirit)
  • The Illness


Where littel is known about the Face Eater. It is belived to be a spiritual creation of the Old Gods. To lurn more one sould read Child of the Elders.


It is hard to describe a being that is not of the mortal plan. As the Face Eater can take any form and shape it pleases makes it next to impossibleto tell wich is it's true form.

However it has a form that it often uses when summonedby it's followers. In this form it is said to be a orb o oily blackness, whit three mounts, nina eyes and a multitude of tentacles. Many belive this to be it's true form, as some of it's followers clame to have seen there master "naked".



Master Burgrsch Demonvoice- Was once part of a grand plot to return the Face Eater to the mortal plan.
Lady Erina Dreakmore- Was to give birth to the Face Eater



The idea of the Face Eater was inspired by the Face Stealer from Avatar. But unlike the Face Stealer the Face Eater can attack anyone at any time, where as the Face Stealer may only take your face if you show emotion.

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