The Keepers of the Light is a roleplaying guild on the Moonglade (EU) server.

OOC Information

We are a well established RP guild, one of the oldest on Moonglade. We do not consider ourselves to be an "elitist" RP guild, rather we are a family of friends and we act in character by preference. Most of us are in the 20 - 40 age bracket, with jobs, families, patience and humour. We play because we enjoy each others company, we don't like drama, politeness and courtesy are very important to us.

We number about 50, with a core of around 20 players who play regularly and we have sufficient level 70 members to start running Karazhan now, which is very exciting for us. We regularly run Outland instances and are starting Heroics. We also love the old instances.

We are currently recruiting, and are looking for about a dozen more adult players, whom we feel would best fit and most enjoy our guild.

The officers are Orgrimm, our Guild Comander, Angaharad, Romey, Tyrondus, Hulan, Erick and truesong


Character Biographies

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