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The Legend of the Flaming Blade

They are many Legends about the Shadow Council of old. The Council formd by Gul'dan and his followers. One of the oldest of this are about the physical blades of the Buring Blades. It is said that Gul'dan ones asked his teacher Kil'jaden for a weapond that would render the Horde unbeatable for all times.

To this reqvest the archdemon shall have given the master warlock a massive Flaming Blade. Made by the demon himself, but the blade was as long a three full grown orc warriors and weigh many tons. A weapon of gigantual power and size, that no orc could ever wheild.

There for the Council had it melted down. And most of the demon metal was mix whit normal iron making a from of steel. Burning steel, this new metal was then given to the head members of the Buring Blade. But a small part of the demon blade was remade to a smaller version of the original.

This blade was at first the weapond of Gul'dan himself. But as many of the Horde started to suspect Gul'dans true role in the Horde he gave it to one of the for most champions of the Blackrock Clan. This warrior namnd Grubrgar the Bloodtusk had it until Doomhammer toke controll over the Blackrock Clan and the Horde.

As Bloodtusk die in the battle betwen Doomhammer and Blackhand. The blade fell in to the hands of Doomhammer who gave it to his lieutenant Zurgrell the Razorback. After this the Blades last orc owner the story ends being a orc legend and becomes a high elven legend.

It was said that when the Ranger Army of Quel'Thalas returnd they had some demonic items whit them. Things they had not succeed in destroyning. And the most powerfull of which had been a Flaming Blade. And tho the High Elves sent most of this items to the wizards of Dalaran this they did not dear send.

The elders of Quel'Thalas ment that the temptation of the blades power was to much for any human mage to pass up. There for, as not even the elders could destroy it, the blade was put in a magic box. And the box was seal by the beast of high elven mages never to be opend agen.

But according to a few of the elves to escape whit there lifes from the Scourge. The Blade was taken out from the box bay a desperate high elven mage. In a attempt to save his kin he toke up the Flaming Blade and use it on hes foes.

What happend to him and the Blade is still unknow. But there are thos who say that the Blade was fund by some magic starving blood elfs fund it and used it to feed there need for magic.

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