The Legend of the Hero

The Path of the Righteous

Picture 10

Private Mathusala of Lordaeron

Five years prior to the first war, Mathusala was born in the small but then pleasant town of Dark Shire. He grew up knowing no evils as he turned into his fathers ideal apprentice. Mortimer thought he was blessed to have such a healthy child, especially after his wife Isabelle had died in child birth. However when the Orcs poured through the Dark Portal into Azeroth, Mathusala was forced to evacuate his small village to flee to the northern settlements in Lordaeron. His father was not so lucky as he was cut to pieces defending a quickly formed barricade. Mathusala and his older brother, Deathecus, went north to the outskirts of Tyr's Hand. There they set up a small farm and tried to continue their lives as normal. For many years they lived in peace and prosperity. But then they learned of the triumph of the Orcs in the first war and were on guard with the rest of the populace. With the end of the second war it looked as if they would live out their lives in peace. This was not to be such as a band of free Orc death knights came and ravaged Mathusala's house when he was away collecting firewood. Believing his brother to be dead, Mathusala set out with nothing but his blacksmiths hammer to confront and defeat the Orc Death knights. On the way he prayed for whatever greater beings there were to lend him strength in his vengeance. He felt new hope from an unknown power as well as what he believed to be the Holy Light almost immediately. He brought holy wrath unto the Orcish renegades without mercy and left none alive to tell the tale of his fury. He returned to his farm and burned it after taking what supplies he could from its dwindling stores. Entering the vast forests of Lordaeron he began to experiment with his new powers. Some came easily like the power to heal and strengthen his focus, others took years to master like his ability to freeze air itself. By this time the second war was over and he decided to join the military as a private under the false name Luc ValonForth. Having been alone so long had made him edgy for combat and during one practice session he nearly decapitated a man with his new found strength. He was called to the capital by Lord Uther to be Arthas' sparing partner. He trained the only twenty four year old man to duel with extreme proficiency and elegance. Having turned thirty just that year Mathusala was proclaimed Arthas' personal captain at arms. The men grew to have an unbreakable bound and were never able to beat the other by the time Arthas was made a full paladin.

The Path of the Fallen

Picture 5

Mathusala serves Arthas under the alias Luc ValonForth

Though happiness had been found, peace did not endure. The last of the Orc rebels attacked the city of Strahnbrad making quite clear that they thought the Alliance not capable of defending themselves. Arthas and Mathusala were called to action by Lord Uther to stop these monsters from doing anybody harm. The young prince and his captain defeated the black drake Searinox to retrieve its heart for the dwarf Feranor Steeltoe to forge into an orb of fire. Arthas used this magical item to kill the blackrock orc blademaster leading the raids, while Mathusala commanded the forces assaulting the Orcish encampment. However, a more sinister threat arose in the form of the plague of undeath. Jaina and Mathusala were sent to join Arthas, now 25 years old, in order to investigate the strange plague in the northlands. They fought an undead army at a plague-infested granary as they encountered the necromancer Kel'Thuzad in the town of Brill. They pursued him to the prime grain distributor of the region, Andorhal, after dealing with a huge abomination. They arrived to late, Kel'Thuzad had already infected the stored grain in Andorhal and shipped it out to the outlying villages. Before Arthas killed him, Kel'Thuzad spoke of Mal'Ganis, a Nathrezim demon who led the Scourge. Jaina and Arthas travelled north to confront him in Stratholme, Leaving Mathusala behind to organize the defense of the region. He heard daring tales of Arthas' defense of Hearthglen, his massacring of the populace of Stratholme, his disbanding of the Knights of the silver hand. Mathusala was sent a message to rejoin Arthas as he launched an assault on Northrend itself. Mathusala was honor bound under his alias, Luc ValonForth, to follow Arthas and serve him. Landing in Northrend he was amazed at Arthas' lack of feeling and bravado he had come to know from the prince. However, after they met Muradin and his remaining dwarves things changed to a faster paced uphill war against the undead hordes. After constructing a new base an emissary from king Teranus arrived and told Mathusala that by Lord Uther's request, the entire expedition was to pack up and leave. Knowing the undead to be guarding the path to the ships, Mathusala proposed to hack threw the small forest to the south. This would allow them to repair the ships after they got through. Arthas returned and was furious at the news. He left the camp with Muradin and left Mathusala to his work. When the woods were almost clear they heard explosions from the other side of the forest. charging threw they saw Arthas and Muradin engaged in battle with hideous creatures. Entering combat Mathusala slew one of the beasts bearing down on Arthas. He was told like the rest of his men to stay and defend the camp while Arthas located and claimed Frostmourne. However with Mal'Ganis on the doorstep it became almost impossible to hold the camp and Mathusala ordered a secondary Barricade built near the way gate. His assumption was correct because only moments after the barricade was completed they were forced to defend it from the now broken threw undead. With time running out Arthas returned sword in hand and set about the monsters with ease. Thanks to the relative quickness of the counter attack, most of the base was still un-damaged. Arthas lead the rest of his survivors on an assault against Mal'Ganis' fortress to the north and though almost all his troops were gone, managed to confront the Dreadlord in combat. Mathusala, injured and racked with mental torment from voices in his head, fled to a goblin facility. Begging for a ship to take him home he was forced to pay almost all the money he had to catch a ride on the nearest Zeppelin. Heading home he healed himself with his light granted powers and made ready to give the news to king Teranus. Sadly Arthas, now a death knight of the scourge, Made it to Lordaeron before Mathusala and murdered his father.

The Path of the Broken

Picture 8

Mathusala goes into self imposed exile

Stricken by the loss of the beloved king, Mathusala left Lordaeron in a self-imposed exile the day Arthas came and rallied the Cult of the Damned. Fleeing to the humble monastery of Northshire, he pretended to be a warrior evacuee of Lordaeron which was not far from the truth. He set about helping the abbey deal with troublesome kobolds and members of the Defias gang. After a while he told the abbots that he would go on a self declared crusade to rid the world of all evils. He traveled first to the town of GoldShire which had more kobolds as well as gnolls and more Defias bandits. Determined to eradicate the bandits forever he traveled to Westfall were he tracked them to there hideout in the Deadmines. After eliminating there leader, Van Cleef, Mathusala traveled to the small Redridge colony of Lakeshire. Here he helped fight off the remains of the first orcish invaders as well as more evil gnolls. Mathusala journeyed next to his old home DarkShire. Seeing the magical corruption everywhere, as well as having his fury ignited by new undead, he set out with a vengeance. Killing all the Worgan and undead from Darkshire to Raven Hill took a considerable amount of time. Knowing that necromancers had to be at work to create and maintain this undead horde, Mathusala located the Raven Hill cemetery and found the one soul living being in it. Needless to say it was quick and bloody. Though the evil magic had been culled, Mathusala had been infected by a strand of the Worgan curse. Though he managed to contain it and remain human, it would fester and grow over the next few years. From here he went to the enormous jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. He couldn't find any true evil so he traveled through the wild forests to get to the goblin port of Booty Bay. Shortly after he was on a ship born for Kalimdor to help aid the goblin town of Gadgetstan. Along the way he encounterd a huge force of scourge massing in the brambles of Razor Thorn Downs. Without hesitance, he went in with a band of adventurers and cleansed the caverns of there filthy touch. However, as he engaged the lich Amnennar the Cold Bringer, he was told that his destiny was sealed by the Lich King's will and none would break it. In response, Mathusala ran him through with his sword saying that his destiny was his own to choose and he had yet to forge it. Upon securing his right to leave by the goblins. He took what he called a pilgrimage to the tomb of his king. He had not heard about the devastation that had forgone his capital city and arriving there sent shivers up his spine. Mathusala descended into the tomb and made his apology to his lord for not warning him of what was to come in time. He began hearing voices when he returned to the surface, the same ones that had plagued him in Northrend. There they had said to kill Arthas and take the sword Frostmourne for himself, now they called for him to return to Northrend and meet his destiny. Ignoring these words he made his way south to the blasted lands. There he fought Dragons and their evil servants as well as Dark Iron Dwarves and their masters. Coming out of this civil war, Mathusala returned to Alterac were he fought in the great war to control the valley. Serving there he was easily able to rise in rank do to his previous experience commanding forces at war. He was made a Knight of Alterac and given a Battle Ram which he named Traper. Arriving at the Port of Theramore, he was asked to remove an undead menace in front of the city. His old hatreds returned, Mathusala butchered every last undead. While in Theramore, he met a young woman called Helena and was instantly smitten with her beauty. She asked him to escort her to the night elf town of Astranaar, which required traveling deep into horde territory to get to. Having fallen head over heals in love with her, Mathusala agreed to take her. Along the way they became close friends but their relationship was strained do to ambushes from not only the horde, but undead scourge as well. Given a brief respite at the Goblin town of Ratchet, Mathusala confessed his love for Helena. In response she kissed him gently and they slept together. However being on the road, they continued on their way. Entering the Forrest of Ashinvale, They were ambushed by fifty undead minions as well as a Death Knight named Lord Garathros. Outnumbered and most likely doomed, Mathusala challenged Garathros to a duel. Garathros accepted believing his powers to be unmatchable in combat and bragged for a considerable length about both his training in life, as well as his training in death. However, when asked about his heraldry and training Mathusala simply replied that he was a servant of the light and none would stand against him. Fighting a horrific battle, Mathusala was gravely injured but decided it was time to revel his true powers after having concealed them from every soul he had met. Healing his wound with the power of the light, Mathusala set upon Garathros with a Wrath as holy as it was unholy and feral. Unavailing his other powers, he assaulted Garathros with a wave of chilling ice and snow. Using a shadowy bolt, he smashed Garathros into a wall of stone that he had been maneuvered in front of. His undead army crumbling, Garathros looked in rage at Mathusala and proclaimed that he was still the true victor as he cast a shadowy bolt at Helena that began to strangle her. Seeing his opponent to stunned to act, Garathros created a portal and escaped. Mathusala quickly used the light to stop the strangulation but knew he had to get her to a true healer fast before the poison reached her heart. Making it to the town of Astranar, he brought her to the priest believing he was to late. To shamed to stay and watch her burial, He traveled back to to his hometown of DarkShire. However Helena did not die and was able to slowly recover from her almost fatal wound. Mounths later she would have a son, naming him Issilien Darkwave after the fabled priest. However she died suddenly shortly after for unknown causes.

The Path of the Crusade

Picture 1

Mathusala joins the Scarlet crusade believing in its true purpose and destiny

After returning home, Mathusala decided it was time to challenge the Lich King openly. He headed north, following the voices in his head, and proceeded to find an Argent Dawn camp right before he entered the plaguelands. He asked how the dawn were dealing with the undead and after learning that they were only after the scourge he departed saying all undead must be purged! Finding the city of Anderhall again he began to single handedly purge the Undead within its walls. In some compact places he found members of the Scarlet Crusade fighting desperately against tides of undead being sent by a lich. Never one to back down, Mathusala charged head on into the fight and struck down the lich with a single blow. Helping the crusaders he was told that they had been a scouting force but had been compromised by a shade. Seeking to learn more about the crusade, Mathusala helped rally the scouts and locate the remaining members of their party. Seeing that there was no hope for Anderhall, the Crusaders set out back to their base in Tristfall glades. The Scarlet monastery served as a bastion of power not only against the scourge, but against the Forsaken of Sylvanas. Mathusala went strait to the commander of the chapel, Renault Mograine, and asked to become a member of the crusade. Shocked by Mathusala's persistence, Renault agreed to allow Mathusala into the Crusade if he would undergo an inspection by his highest captains. Seeing no reason to object, Mathusala agreed. He was sent through many vigorous trials. He was tested in his skill at arms by Herod the Champion, his skill with magic by Arcaneist Doan, his skill with the light by High Inquisitor Wightmane, and possibly the most brutal, resisting torture by Interrogator Vishas. Having passed these tests with relative, Mathusala was accepted into the Crusade. Sent as a messenger to the other three strongholds of the Crusade, Mathusala was able to familiarize himself with the Situation in the plaguelands. In Tirisfal Glades, there were multiple Scarlet crusader outposts lead by Renault from the scarlet Monastery. in the Western Plaguelands the Town of Hearthglenn, ruled by its HighLord Taelan Fordring, was one of the safest bastions in the sector. In the eastern Plaguelands however, was were the trouble started. Tyr's Hand, ruled by the Scarlet Crusade, was commanded by general Abbendis. Naxxramus, A huge necropolis, was commanded by Kel'Thuzad, the Lich King's second. Lights Hope Chapel, A bastion of the Argent dawn, was under siege by the Necropolis, Archeus. The madness sector was the city of Stratholme. Half controlled by the Scarlet crusade under the Grand Crusader Dathrohan. The other controlled by The scourge under Baron Rivendare. Into this madness, Mathusala had to deliver a letter to Dathrohan. Entering the city he was reminded horribly of Arthas and his cleansing every soul in the city. There were thousands of undead covering every single street now and he was forced to use every power in his arsenal to fend off the waves of terror. Finding a medallion of faith, He keep himself in check from the withering voices in his head and sometimes out as well. Seeking the scarlet sector he encountered a wall of crates and requested passage into the keep. the replies told him he must go and defeat baron Rivendare before the grand crusader would be able to see him. Deciding he had no other choice, Mathusala set out to kill The baron. Arriving at the Slaughterhouse after defeating several minor scourge captains, Mathusala called out to Rivendare asking that he send every thing in his power to try and stop him. Rivendare responded by releasing a huge abomination, followed by his elite guards. Crushing these foes Mathusala entered the Slaughterhouse and fought Rivendare to a stand still. Infuriated, Rivendare Created a gateway to Naxxramus and left. Deciding that this would be enough to placate the Grand crusader, Mathusala made his way back into the Scarlet sector and asked again for entry. Allowed into Dathrohans chamber he confronted the commander and asked to be made a full member of the crusade. In response, Dathrohan attacked Mathusala saying the crusade needed no more idealists. Mathusala defended himself and was amazed be the shear power of Dathrohan. Hoping to contain him for awhile, he began casting some of his more sinister powers. Dathrohan was shocked to be suddenly frozen in place and unable to move. Using the initiative, Mathusala attacked him with blazing speed only to watch a dreadlord rise from his corpse. Having fought Mal'Ganis in northrend, Mathusala went about silencing Balnazzar as fast as possible. Managing to land a killing blow, he was shocked that one so evil could be leading so righteous a cause. He decided he was not ready to join such a corrupted power and left Stratholme immediately.

The Path to the Dawn

Picture 9

Mathusala joins the Argent Dawn after finding the Scarlet Crusade to be corrupt

Having Left Stratholme, Mathusala journeyed to the only other source of light in the plaguelands, Light's hope chaple. Meeting with the fabled Dawnbringer, He told the Dawn of his discovery and his plan to reform the crusade under his leadership. Seeing a passion that had not been shared be nearly any of the dawn, Eligor accepted Mathusala into the order and made him a private under the command of Deathecus Grimhammer. Recognizing his brothers name Mathusala was overjoyed to see his kin again after five years. Thrilled by this return, Mathusala asked for permission to start the new crusade right away. Naming it the Legends of Honor, Mathusala, Deathecus, and Issilien Darkwave Formed this new faction under their leadership. Gaining at once many members of the old Crusade that sensed the corruption, They set out to make alliances with the current Alliance and horde factions. Staying true to the original Crusade, They only allowed the pure and holy into their midst. However, their take on what was pure included not only humans, but dwarves and high-elves as well. Of course this would not last for long as soon Arthas decided to start moving the pieces. Necropolises began to appear over many cities and thousands of undead began to launch massive assaults against the populations. In this dark time Mathusala Rallied the Legends and Deathecus' Battalion of Argent Dawn to directly attack these towering constructs. Entering then via gryphons, These brave companies destroyed the Necropolises from the inside. Killing the liches and destroying the crystals that suspended them made them crash down in a thundering roar. The scourge began to catch on to this tactic and soon it became harder and harder to fight through the masses of undead or the gargoyles that now surrounded the fortresses. Still, the courageous heros continued to push back the Lich King's forces until there was only a single necropolis left, The dreaded citadel of Naxxramas. Herring of Darion Mograine's planned assault on the fortress, Mathusala asked if he could join in this valiant final attack. Gladly excepting his help, Darion lead his troops in threw a plague vent. Entering the long and echoing halls of Naxxramas, they fought through some of the most terrifying battles ever and made there way to the Death Knight Quarter. Darion was stricken with grief as he saw his once proud father fighting as a death knight of the scourge. Mathusala, however, became totally absorbed by the sword Alexandros held. The Ashbringer, sword of the Crusade, reason for its creation. All of a sudden Mathusala burned with a new fire to reunite the sword and the crusade, for surely this would turn it back to its true destiny. however before he could attack Mograine or even ask him to rejoin the light he was stricken down from behind by another death knight. Recognizing his old foe Garathros, Mathusala's rage overcame his new lust for the Ashbringer and he battled Garathros with a vengeance. Realizing he was still outmatched Garathros called out for his minions assistance, he quickly jumped on the back of his death charger and fled. Haveing lost the rest of the party, Mathusala left Naxxramas and decided to launch a new, even bolder assault. He would take the fight to Arthas himself. He traveled to the scarlet Bastion on the other side of Tyr's hand. Asking for ships and men he proposed an attack on Arthas himself in Northrend. Hearing about this courageous plan, Admiral Westwind agreed to lend his ships and crew on this expedition. Heading north they were set upon by ghost ships commanded by Lord Garathros. Outraged by this Mathusala boarded Garathros' ship and began to combat the evil captain. Westwind lead his men in pursuit, trying to stop the undead from overwhelming Mathusala while he combated Garathros. Finding himself unable to contend with the rage that Mathusala had, Garathros was cut down and Thrown overboard. Almost jumping ship himself, Mathusala managed to restrain from following Garathros' corpse. Continuing on their way to Northrend, The expedition made it to the far side of Northrend with little hostility. Leading the shore party Mathusala began a siege of Icecrown citadel.

The Path of the Damned

Mathusala, The Scarlet Hero image

Mathusala falls down the same path Arthas had and becomes a Death knight of the Scourge

Arthas, now the Lich King of the Scourge, Lead his army in a counterattack from the heart of the citadel. Shocked by the ferocity of the undead hordes, Mathusala could only watch in horror as his men were pulled down and devoured. Facing Arthas he made an attack out of pure rage. Arthas only laughed and easily deflected the blow. Now surrounded by undead and with Arthas bearing down on him, Mathusala launched a furious assault on the surrounding horrors. Giving in to his inner rage that had been building from the curse of the Worgan, Mathusala was transformed into the dreaded beast. Distraught by his unleashed powers, The scourge were all stricken down within moments. Arthas simply grabbed Mathusala and knocked his sword from his hands. Feeling hopeless before Arthas, Mathusala pleaded to his friend for a quick death. Arthas, however, Had other plans for his former captain. Using his knowledge he told Mathusala of his true destiny as it had been laid out by the scourge. How Mathusala was picked by Uther to be another candidate for the Lich King to possess. Seeing as Arthas was already his keeper, the Lich King offered Mathusala a chance to become Arthas' chosen captain once again, to become the black rider of the scourge. Mathusala, plagued by insecurity and loss as well as every humans innate desire for power, Willingly accepted the proposal. Finding himself instantly bound, he was sent off to a camp called Retholme. Trained more proficiently to use the powers of darkness, Mathusala became one of the best Death Knights of the scourge. He was agonized when he felt the light leave him, but was filled with more power than he could ever imagine. Tasked to lead a band of cult of the damned members including the recently acquired Mataus, a Necromancer, and Genisis, the Butcher. He tracked down and killed all the remaining members of his failed expedition without remorse, it seemed he had lost his once famous mercy and Honor. Named "The Black Captain" he lead the Cult of the Damned through Kalimdor and wrecked havoc on any town to small to contest his army. Finding an entrance to the world tree, Mathusala attempted to lead an assault on it himself but was stricken down by an arrow. Returned to Northrend he was surprised to find Darion Mograine with the Ashbringer strapped to his back heading a new army of Scourge. Asking to join in his battalion so that he could get closer to the fabled blade, Mathusala was ordered to attack the the main fortress of the Scarlet Crusade at Tyr's Hand. Mathusala hand picked his followers and captains, men he had trusted in life as well as death. Among them was Mataus who was glad to join Mathusala, having been part of the failed expedition they were both Scarlet Crusaders that had been bent to the Lich King's will. Mataus' powers had allowed him to be accepted into the cult of the damned but he held great resentment towards his captors and fought against the Lich King's will daily. Leading the assault, Mathusala brought his blade to bear and unleashed his already incredible frost powers and natural fury against the enemy. Fighting his way inside the grand Cathedral, he found Valdelmar, an old friend who had served Mathusala in the third war. Valdelmar called out to Mathusala asking him to withdraw his forces or face the wrath of the crusade. Mathusala, ignoring his threat, hacked Valdelmar into a corner and prepared to give the killing blow, however he found he could not do it. Some small remainder of his old self flickered to the forefront of his mind and he, instead of finishing Valdelmar off, helped him to rise and through down his sword in defeat. His forces crumbled to dust without his will to guide them, only Mataus' troops remained standing but he had waited for his moment to shrug off his invisible bindings and so let them fall. A new purpose within them, The group rallied the remaining crusaders and set out for light's hope chapel to stop the Scourge assault or at least avenge the fallen Dawn. They arrived in time to help mop up the surviving undead but were shocked when Arthas came and almost killed Tirion Fordring. Mathusala could not bare to see his brave comrade in arms being tortured and he shook Darion out of a deep trance telling him to help Fordring. Darion quickly threw the Ashbringer to Tirion and it was purified by the fallen heros beneath the chapel. Arthas, beaten and shocked, was forced to retreat back to Northrend. Mathusala, however, disappeared quickly after the battle.

The Path to Redemption

Captain Mathusala

Left with nothing but his skill at arms, Mathusala leads the Stormwind Garrison Against the Scourge

Fleeing back to his home in the wilderness. Mathusala grieved for the losses he had cost as death knight. All the souls he had damned and all the crusaders he had murdered he begged the light to return his powers so that he could extract the final justice. Killing Arthas. However he knew that the only way he would receive the lights grace one again was by proving that he had truly given up his wish to be with Arthas. He would have to prove that he could handle the death knight powers that he would never be rid of. Mathusala traveled south with Mataus to the city of Stormwind. There he met with alliance general Hood and asked to help lead the armies of Stormwind, for even as he had traveled, a new Scourge invasion had begun all over Azeroth. Hood needed every soldier he could get and, without hesitation, appointed Mathusala and Mataus to the rank of captain. He explained to them that the Alliance had come aware of a much more dangerous threat than the Scourge. The Forsaken undead, Hood explained, were smarter than the hordes of scourge as well as more powerful. The high council of the Alliance had demanded an attack on some outlying towns of these forsaken first, and then if all went well, a march on the Undercity itself. Since Hood was to lead the army, Mathusala and Mataus were instructed to remain behind and defend against any Scourge intrusions while the alliance forces were away. In the weeks following the armies leave, the garrison became bored and lazy. Sure they had cleared out the usual Scourge necropolis, but no more Scourge were going to come they thought. They did not question when they new grain arrived, they didn't even notice the seal of Anderhall on the crates that carried it. almost three-hundred people died from the plague and were risen as zombies. Mathusala sent Mataus out with his band to try and save the town of GoldShire as quickly as possible, but it had already been entirely consumed with the few survivors heading towards the protected vale of Northshire. There Mataus made his stand with the abbots that were stationed there as well as a few members of the Legends of Honor who had been traveling north but were cut off by the undead. Meanwhile, Stormwind had been almost entirely overrun. almost everyone had retreated into the Cathedral or the Keep with little to no people surviving outside. The trade district was hit hardest as zombies from goldshire filtered in through the gates to mingle with the horde of Stormwind scourge. Mathusala's fighters had been scattered everywhere and were all barricaded in houses and inns. Mathusala himself was trying to rally as many as he could at the fountain, but for every man he found he was assaulted by ten more undead. Realizing he was going to fail his men already, He called out to the light in desperation, begging for a way to save his men now. The response was instantaneous. Suddenly Light Exploded into the square and a ring of fire surrounded the remaining survivors. It expanded, killing all the Scourge in its wake but leaving the humans unharmed. Mathusala, his eyes glowing with the power of the light, Lead his men in a dangerous counter attack on the scourge assaulting Northshire. Holy power radiated in an impenetrable aura around Mathusala as he hacked and Slashed his way into the Monastery. Mataus, awed by the display of power, decided to form an army out of what was left of the Stormwind and Goldshire guards. It was to be called the The Guardians of the Light and it would protect all true believers and smite all the wicked. Deciding that he could always need a few more crusaders, Mathusala incorporated these veterans into the Legends of Honor and made these men the elite body guards of the Council and the Highlords.

The Path of the Hero

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Having achieved freedom from the Lich King, Mathusala becomes the hero of the Scarlet Crusade as a symbol of the Light

With the threat of the scourge driven off for now. Mathusala was forced to deal with a temporary threat from Turoq the Hunter and Lanath the Troll's band of horde guerilla fighters. After fighting for about a month, Mathusala challenged the Orc and Troll to a duel and bested them. Having learned mercy again he let them go if they swore on their honor not to attack the Alliance again. Having little to no choice the horde commanders conceded and pulled their forces back. Shortly after this Mathusala and Mataus received word from Hood on the horde front. They had been sumend because hood believed that the Horde had a large force waiting for them in Tauran Mill. Arriving in southshore they saw the full extent of Hoods army and were Awed. Nearly one thousand members of the alliance had gathered to his summons. With a roar, the army charged over the low hills and smashed into the undefended town of Tauren mill. It was a massacre and no alliance members were killed and no horde citizens escaped alive. the army was instructed to move on to the Undercity, where the evil forsaken had taken refuge in the ruins of the old capital of Lordaeron. The road was hard however and the horde tried fighting guerilla wars along the march. The great army arrived outside the gates of the city and began to fight its way into the elevators, The Guardians of the Light were sent around into a sewer entrance that lead right up to the queens chambers inside. They battled their way passed the few horde defenders and the elite guard of the queen easily. Sylvanas wasn't prepared for the multitude of fighters but horde reinforcements showed up and she disappeared in the chaos of the Melee. Mathusala was amazed at the lack of defense in the capital, Hundreds of Alliance troops strode unopposed threw the city and within minutes it had been conquered. Hood called a meeting in the Bank quarter, where the greatest concentration of alliance troops could defend against possible counter attack, with all the captains he had assigned. He had not planned on taking the city in such a short amount of time and so he needed a new plan quickly in order to keep the army on the move, for they were only so large because of the promises of slaughter and plunder, not to mention the Undead seemed to come out of the walls and many alliance were being felled in the confined halls. However, Many of the Alliance captains believed they should march on the Horde Capital of Ogrimar. They reasoned that they had the strength to end the Horde threat once and for all. Faced with to much opposition, Hood had to agree to lead the army to durotar in what he believed was suicide. Before they commandeered a fleet of Zeppelins, Hood ordered the elite Alliance forces to march on both the Tauran city of Thunder bluff, and the Elven city of Silvermoon, He reasoned that they might draw off some of the Horde or even ransack the cities. Mathusala was also given a side mission, Hood knew well that the main gate would be a death trap for his men, he new that there was little to no chance of making it into the city alive. So Mathusala was given the instruction to lead a group threw the side gates and assassinate thrall whilst the main horde forces would be occupied at the main gate. Understanding Hoods wish he took his small force and marched ahead of the main army. They arrived at the side gate at the same time that the remaining five-hundred alliance troops came up to the main gate. However the horde had not been idile and almost a thousand Horde soldiers had rallied at Ogrimar under the command of Swarishar, an Orc politician. However the Alliance forces were better equipped and trained and they slowly began to push the horde back threw the gate. Mathusala's forces however, had met resistance in the form of troll and orc mercenaries lead by Turoq and Lanath recently returned from the East. Realizing his Band was going to be slaughtered, Mathusala surrendered to Lanath asking that they be spared with a quick death rather than imprisonment. Lanath and Turoq however had grown to respect this aging commander and told him his men were free to leave so long as they left kalimdor forever. In the meen time Hood's forces had made it all the way to the bank of Ogrimar and were making a stand as they were surrounded. Mathusala decided that before he left he was going to at least rescue Hood from certain death and he lead his last few men threw the chaos to pull out Hood. With the Alliance in a route, Hood began to blame himself for leading these men to their deaths. But then A messenger from the Elites came and reported that Both of the remaining Horde cities had been devastated by the brave few. Realising that Hood needed direction, Mathusala Offered him a position as the General of the Legends of Honor's guard. He claimed that with Hood leading the Crusade against the Now main enemy of the Alliance they could not fail. Hood, seeing his chance, accepted.

The Path to the Past

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Mathusala is forced to deal with corruption in his new Crusade, Then decides to confront his own demons.

After the end of the campaign on the Horde, Mathusala and the surviving members of The Guardians of the Light marched their ragged band north to where the Legends of Honor had been positioned. after a long march they found the place to be deserted. Mathusala could see a huge amount of tracks coming in and out of were the camp was supposed to be but not a single soul was there. Infuriated, he forced the already exhausted troop to scout out for tracks, because one thing was for certain, the men were not dead. If they had been killed then there would be blood and shreds of tents and possibly bodies as well, so if someone had managed to kill almost a hundred men and not leave evidence than he was still a death knight and arthas was still a paladin. After a hour, his scouts reported that the Legends had marched north towards the border of Quel'Thalas. Realizing that the council of thirteen must have taken matters into their own hands, Mathusala called for his men to rest while he carried on alone. He left quickly, traveling strait to Light's hope where he asked his brother where the hell his crusade had marched. Deathecus, slightly stunned at the appearance of his brother, who he had thought killed in northrend, told him that the council of thirteen had been corrupted. It was leading the men north for reasons he could not fathom. Livid at the lack of information, Mathusala mounted a charger and set out to confront his army. Within the hour he trotted into the new camp, his men cheered seeing him for he was their true leader and many suspected the Council had begun to act on its own. Reaching the largest tent he threw aside the covering and found a meeting in session. They were all stunned, some out of joy he could see, others out of his sudden return, and a few he could see out of his being alive. Telling them to continue their debate, Mathusala watched closely to try to pick the culprits from the loyalists. After they had finished debating weather or not they should stop by Stratholme on their way north, Mathusala interrupted and asked why they wanted to "go" north in the first place. Zephious, an old campaigner that had served with Mathusala during the third war, told him that they were proceeding to Silvermoon in order to conquer it as a base of operations against Northrend. Mathusala could tell right now that they had no such plans, and he knew that his crusade could never attack Silvermoon and survive. He called then for a vote, should the crusade go to Northrend now. seven hands went up against the motion, they complained that they were not prepared for an assault on the Lich King's homeland yet and needed to bye time to recruit new troops. However six hands were in favor, these men and women said that they believed that a smaller fore might avoid Arthas' attention sense the Horde and Alliance where do to send invasions of their own soon. They reasoned that with the help of the Dawn and the chaos created by the Alliance and Horde that the Crusade would have a reasonable chance to not only survive, but assault Icecrown. Having found his loyalists, Mathusala asked the opposition why they believed assaulting Silvermoon would bring recruits? He went on to explain that they would more likely loose more men from the assault then they would receive from the victory. Having said this, Mathusala banished the antagonists from the crusade, saying it was either their stupidity or their lack of faith that had lead to this. Some men in the camp were loyal to these members of the council and so maybe twenty or so men went with them. However, that moment, The Guardians of the Light rode in and joined the crusade. Cheers went up from the men as they recognized fellow soldiers of Stormwind that had come to join the work of the Legends. Mathusala appointed a new five members from the guardians, as well as Lanath and Turoq, who he had to have swear on their honor in front of everyone that they were honorable creatures and that they would do their chosen task with wisdom. Setting the council and its members to work preparing the crusade for war, Mathusala left once again but he swore he would come back. He traveled far and wide, First to Darkshire where he visited his parents graves. Then he Journeyed to the old Capital, where he once again payed respect to the old king of Lordaeron, promising that he would save his son if he could. He then went to Stratholme, the city was still filled with undead and the ghosts of the slaughtered civilians. He freed their damned souls and, after making a quick stop at the scarlet sector to tell them they were wasting their time guarding a continent the actual crusade had abandoned, he set off to find a ship that could take him to Northrend alone. He sailed off into the frozen sea, thinking of the last attempt he had made to kill Arthas, it would not be like that this time he swore. Suddenly, a sail appeared far off to the west. It was Lord Garathros' ship. Enraged, Mathusala boarded and confronted the aged Death knight. However he was shocked to see that Garathros was different. He was obviously weak, much weaker than he had been the last time, he was still recovering from his wounds it seemed. Garathros told him that he had had found a way to break the curse the Lich King had set on him, he had proven to weak to antagonize Mathusala in combat so he would do it with words. He told Mathusala that he had a son.

The Path to Destiny

Path to destiny2

The crusade restored, Mathusala leads his men to a new destiny in Northrend

Mathusala was stunned. How could this be? His lover was dead he knew that, he had visited her grave. He realized that Garathros must be lying to him the idea that he had a son was preposterous. But Garathros persisted, he could not break all of the bonds the Lich King had made for him but he could stretch them to a point. He told Mathusala how Issilien had been captured and the name, Helena, discovered to be his mothers name. Garathros continued saying that Issilien had never known his father, and he had been born in Astronnar, the place Helena had died. Garathros contorted in pain, it seemed the Lich King had ratted out his betrayal and was killing him in his mind. But Garathros wasn't finished, he quickly told Mathusala that Issilien was now a servant of the Lich King and bound to his will, then he asked Mathusala to do him one favor. Kill Arthas. With those words Garathros gasped and died, wrote from the inside by the Lich King's will. Without their master to guide them his skeletons crumbled and fell. Mathusala realized now that what his most hated foe had said made perfect sense now. But he also knew that he would not be able to bring the boy back. Shocked and disheartened by this new dilemma, Mathusala quickly returned to Light's hope where he asked Deathecus Grimhammer to find Issilien and try to free him from himself. Mathusala decided the time was now right to launch his crusade, and away they went. Across the sea to the wasteland of the north, they landed in the exact same place Arthas had years before. Mathusala decided his men would use what was left of that base to construct a new fort in its place and then set out to meet with the other leaders involved against Arthas. He went first to Thrall who he asked to help the Alliance as well as not break out into petty fighting that consumed the two factions endlessly. After getting the warchief's word he asked the same of the Alliance king, Wryn, to do the same. He then proceeded to meet Tirion Fordring and his Argent Crusaders. He saw the Ashbringer once again, now in its purified form its call was still as strong as ever, but he was not going to take away the item that had encouraged these men to fight with even greater strength. After consulting Tirion in his plans for assaulting Icecrown, Mathusala decided his men would stand back and let the other factions fight the way to the glacier. Then, with fresh men and supplies, the Legends of Honor would reinforce the lines and press home the attack against that indomitable fortress. Mathusala went off exploring, finding wonders in those frozen caves, he looked for things to do to help the other factions. His men might get a break but he was certainly not going to let everyone else do the work for him. He helped conquer the castle of Utguard, then he went and cleansed the evil trolls from their temples in zul'drak. He then proceeded to join the assault of the wrath gate of Icecrown but his men were to late to change its outcome. Cursing his slowness, Mathusala continued into the Storm Peaks and helped find Muradin. Muradin was amazed to see Mathusala alive and even called him Luc, a name Mathusala had not gone by for almost six years. After reacquainting himself, Mathusala decided to help the assault on Icecrown itself. Sadly, even though the real Scarlet Crusade had come to kill Arthas, it had once again been corrupted by the dreadlord Mal'Ganis. Mathusala went about trying to free some that were not as idealistic as the others but in the end he was forced to kill many of these fallen crusaders. After helping Tirion and Darion to set up their bases of operations, he joined the crew of the Skybreaker and helped bomb the scourge daily. When Tirion called the Argent Tournament up, Mathusala was infuriated that the Legends were not allowed to compete. He raged that his men needed inspiration from their ranks not their race. He claimed that the Argent dawn and even the Knights of the Ebon Blade had representatives, so why not the Scarlet Crusade? unable to win the argument, Mathusala entered under the banner of Stormwind. However, he wore his scarlet tabard as well as a crest displaying the same flames on his shield. Tirion could not stop him from parading around and showing off his skills at mounted combat, but he could send him off on vigorous challenges in front of Icecrown where Argent Knights made reckless charges into the undead hordes stationed there. However, even with the friendly competition, it would soon be time to sharpen the weapons and march on the last bastion of the Lich King's power...

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