The Letter

As Smudge and Carlo toke the almost naked knocked out orc elder down steers Winstone Wolf wroth a letter to one of the members of the Council. They did not know all of them or how many they where going to recrute. But one thing was sure, this was a deal that could make the Ravenholdt grow in power. Now all they needed to do was handel it the right way.

This is what Winstone wroth:

"Greetings Mr Bloodfang

We know who you are and to whom your lojaltys belong. Now we have this whery night taken your friend and, I belive, master prisoner. His namn is Burgrsch Demonvoice.

Now there is no need to be uncivilazed on how we are to deal whit this. My master Fahrad thinks this can be easyly done. Just send someone to parley his reless and I am sure we can come to some agreement.

After all we find your, organization most intresting.

/Respectfully Signed Mr Winstone Wolf"

One of his beast ransome notes if he might say so himself.

The Prisoner

Grand Master Rogue Fahrad was pleased, his men had found out things about the elder Orc they had kidnaped then most of his own peolpe knew. Not even the spies of the Horde or Alliance had got this much information on the old warlock. And it was this that hade lead to his kidnap.

However not all of his followers was happy whit the situation. Lord Jorach Ravenholdt, thought it was to risky. As he always did, this of corse irritated Fahrad.

"What if this Orc cult chooses to simply storm the Manor?" asked Jorach.

"And risk making themselfs known? Not to mention that the life of one of the highest ranking officers? I think not..." said Fahrad whit a annoyed tone in his voice.

"So lets say they give you what you want..." beigan Jorach but was cut of by Winstone.

"My Lords, the letter has been sent and the prisoner is safely placed in the basement. Under the guard of Master Thunderwood." reported the good gentleman. Fahrad liked Mr Wolf as he often called himself. He understood that just becose you stole and killed for a living you need not be uncivil.

"Wait, did you just say: "What you want"? Was it not you that said that we could: "Make this information work for us?", tell me if Im wrong!?" almosed screamed Fahrad. He dissliked loseing his temper, as he tought of that as a sighen of weakness.

"I meant for blackmail or to sell! Not to used it in some sceam to join the blasted Shadow Council!" said Jorach wail grining his teeth in anger.

"Money?! Was that all you tought we could get out of this? We have the chans of becoming a part of a world power! And all you can see is the money!?" now Fahrad screamed and shock his head. "You are both exuse!"

"As you will mi'lord." said Winstone and left.

"I demand to speak whit the orc later!" said Jorach and stormed away.

Burgrsch was wake by something liking his face. As he opende his eyes he saw that it was a cat. The next thinh he notesed was that all his cloth was missing, as well as his sword. He was next to naked lying on a stone floor. And a dwarf armed whit a dagger was standing over him.

"Ye'r awake? Good, now don't ye be sceard. We won' be hurtin' ye... Unless ye cult budys not be givin' tha boss what he want cose then we will have to be cutni' ye." said the dwarf whit a warm smile.

"What? Who are you!? Where am I?" asked Burgrsch.

"Why, your in the celler of the Ravenholdt Manor! Sorry about the taking all your stuff really! Seing a almost naked orc ain't exacly what I call a fun thing! But we can't have you use magics on us now can we?" the one whom had anserd him was a gnome.

"Wait a second... Are you from the Alliance? For if you are I will not talke!" said Burgrsch diffantly.

"We? Alliance? Ye be a fun' orc lad! No, we are part of tha Assassin’s League!" said the dwarf.

Burgrsch did not know what was going on. But one thing was sure he was in big trouble. And he could only hope someone would save him.

"All hail the Shadow!"

Grand Master Fahrad had the elder orc taken to him at the balcony and forced him to kneel. Looking on the orc he could feel the power of the beings that where hiding deep inside the elder. Fahrad had always been good at sensing magic. Dark magic aspecialy, this was of corse becorse the power of the shadows where stronger. And here a soon to be god was kneeling befor him.

He smiled, this was going to be good. Taking one of his renowned daggers he cut himself on the palm of his hand. The blood flowed from the wound and he looked at the elder orc. The orcs body was coverd in demonic runes. Some he could read but he was not a expert of the dark arts only a admire of them. He held up his bleeding hand and said:

"All hail the Shadow!" but he said it in Eredun.

This made the orc look up on the humen and see his hand. The orc understud what the humen wanted and held out his hand. And said:

"They wont let you go ones they have taken hold of you human."

"I do hope so... For I intend to have the forces of darkness work for me! I would villingly join this power of yours as it raises!"

Then the master of the Assassin’s League cut the orc and mix his blood whit his own. The effect was instant the seven where whit him. The Shadow Council of old was now in his blood. He would become part of this grand power... Or the old orc would die and the Council would lose all.


Grand Master Fahrad had no intrest of hearing the Taurens exuses. He had faild in keeping the elder orc inprisoned. He had clamed that a rogue had helped him escape. But what of it, it was still the taurens falt. He had been the Orcs jailor and his prisoner had escaped.

"Enough! Enough of your exuses! Your fired!" Fahrad screamed in anger.

"B-but boss... It wasn't my falt! She played whit my mind and sneacked in weapons to the orc... I..." the Tauren tryed to explan.

"One more word and you'll be dead and fired! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!" Fahrad roared.

The Tauren snorted and made the misstake of speaking agen, he said:
"What about my pay!?"

Whit a insane roar and assailed the Tauren. The massive being roared in pain and grasp his head. Where is right ear had ones been. Shacking in anger the finest Rogue in all of Azeroth said whit his teeth pinch he said:
"Thats all the pay you'll get... Now one more sound and next time it will be your head... Now go!"

The Tauren left fast fearing for his head. But Fahrad was still not alown. Lord Jorach Ravenholdt has at his side, he was smilening. He put his hand in the inner poket of his clothing and pulled out a letter.

"We got this letter from one of our spies this morning. It's from the old orc." said the old Lord whit a smile.

Fahrad knew that the Lord Ravenholdt never did anything for free. And this letter heald the fate of Fahrad. He had to know what was whriten in it. No matter the cost.

"What do you want for it?" asked Fahrad.

"Your promis that whatever dark rits this cultists want us to do I will take no part in them! And the same gose for any who feels the same way I do!" said Jorach whit a smile.


"And you most promise not to let this intefer whit Ravenholdt bissnis! We still fight the Syndicate! No matter what!"

"Done and done! Now give it!"

"Say 'Pleas' Fahrad..."

"Pleas give it!"

The elder lord gave him the letter. And he read the words, they made him smile. He had done it, even tho the orc had escaped he had been impressed. Impressed that there spies had found him out and that they had so easly traked him down. He, Grand Master Fahrad was now a member of the New Shadow Council.

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