The Venture Co. (EU)

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The Venture Co. (EU)
Zone: EU
Time Zone: -01:00 GMT
Type RP-PvP
A to H Ratio: 1:1.2


The Venture Co (EU) (TVC) is currently a very mixed RP server, while one of the two oldest European Roleplaying servers with a rich player-storyline and many well known characters and events, there are an increasing number of players who do not respect the roleplaying policies. That said, the invasion of of the Human lands last year, where the server was crashed due to the density of players in one area amongst other events were brilliant fun.


It used to be the case, although things may have, and indeed appear to have largely changed, that if a number of servers were taken down for maintenance or due to technical problems, The Venture Co would be one.

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