Thricartus Talbukhorn
Guild Blood Blade Clan
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Faction Horde


Thricartus Talbukhorn was the second in comand of the Blood Blade Clans warriors at the time of Splictor and Necturas mating. It angerd the young warrior that one of the clan finest shamans had choisen a peon as her mate. That rage was lessend greatly when the two children became a strong shaman and mighty warrior. He himself however only resived one child from his mate.

Tho his only child Veriasin was a duagther and ment the end of his mate he only felt love for his only child. And like her father she soon showed that she to was a warrior. Her skills in using two blades at once gifting her the namn Twoblades. Talbukhorn that had come from a long line of proud warriors was most pleased whit his child.

But as she growed older he saw her drawn towards Burgrsch. The oldest of Splictors sons, the son of a peon. And even tho the young shaman had proven to be more his mothers son then his fathers, Talbukhorn hated the idea. The idea that his powerfull warrior duagther would mate whit the silvertounged son of a peon!

But fathers seldom choises the paths of there children. And thos his grand children where Demonvoice's children. Talbukhorn accepted this in the end. And when the beloved chieften of the Blood Blade Clan died in battel whit the draenei leaving only a small boy to follow in his bloodline Thricatus toke up the role of chieften.

Talbukhorn died not long after in the ambuse that ended the clan.


Veriasin Twoblades - Duagther
Master Burgrsch Demonvoice - Son-in-law
Drugima - Grand daughter, dead seens the first war
Rubgrsch - Grand son, eldest alive
Cergias of the Bleading Hollow Clan - Grand daugther in-law, mother of Oga, dead and her spirit has been taken by the Lich King
Oga - Great grand daughter, she is mated and has two sons and one daughter. Daughter of Rubgrsch


"If I may honoured elders. Is not the peons just as honoured as the warriors of this clan? Talbukhorn, did not I aid you in making your blade when we where young?" said Splictor respectfully and yet strong of voice.
"Hmf... You dare to assume much peon! Whit out the warriors art whit the blade and bow there would be no food for any in the clan!" growled Thricartus whit his dark voice.
"And whit out the peons you would not have blades or bows Talbukhead!" snarled Nectura. The clans second roared in anger and got up. Shaking his fist at the two he roared:
"How dare you young shaman! We are the elders! The elders has always ruled this clan!"

Dialogue betwen Splictor, Nectura and Thricartus from Burgrsch Demonvoice life stories


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