Tiberio Dawnspeaker
Guild Netherdawn Empire
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance

General Information

Name: Tiberio Dawnspeaker

Age: 51

Current Titles:

  • The Dark Prophet
  • International Nether Expert
  • Tiberio Dawnspeaker was granted full honours by the Alliance upon his death. These have, potentially, carried on after death into his new life in The Netherdawn Empire

Former Titles:

Roleplaying Blog:


Tiberio Dawnspeaker is the son of Femarius Starspeaker, the Gnomish Ambassador to Quel'Thalas. He was brought up in Gnomeregan with very little contact with his parents. His mother, Femarius Starspeaker, was frequently away on her diplomatic duties, in particular during The Third War and the following years. As a result of this isolation, he took advantage of his father's position as a Arch-Bookeeper of Gnomeregan's Librariam, he spent much of his childhood reading books. He had very few friends, and as a result he sought to gain friends through other means. Using the vast variety of books, he started to summon simple objects from The Twisting Nether. He continued this passion into his teenage years, studying the arcane. His knowledge, expanding at a fenomenal rate, was put to use; He began to summon demons - simple at first, but gradually more complex - from The Twisting Nether, learning about them as he did so. Though he did not trust these entities, they interested him greatly, and he continued to dedicate research to The Twisting Nether.

At the age of 44, as he was enterring adulthood, the trogg invasion of Gnomeregan began, and chose to be sealed into his dormitorium. The irradiation did not fill the room, as he was in a Grade-A Tinker Suite, reserved only for the family of high ranking civil servants, such as his mother. He had little time though, and resorted to summoning demons which he used to burrow through the ground, creating an escape route through to the relative safety of Dun Morogh. He never heard from his mother again - Official reports stated that she had disappeared while on a trip to Quel'Thalas to search for survivors of the catastrophe that had happened there in the aftermath of the Third War.

So, Tiberio Dawnspeaker turned his attention southwards, to the realm of Stormwind. He knew that there was an established interest in the arcane there, and that his knowledge of The Twisting Nether - One which could be stated to be one of the most rich sources of such information on Azeroth - could be appreciated there. He aided in the formation of The Shining Strand, along with four others - High Priest Zylo, Spymaster Otister, Karlkhaz the Hunter, and Flamebeard the Dwarf, so named after his bright-red beard. This organisation seeked to reclaim the lost lands of the Alliance, focusing its attention on the reclamation of The North of the Eastern Kingdoms, but aiding the Alliance on the battlefield eleswhere. This was a way to discover what really happened to his mother, Femarius Starspeaker, whose disappearance was shrouded in mystery. To compliment this, he also turned to pick up where his mother left off in her political duties, and joined The Stormwind Council under the guidance of High Priest Zylo, representing both his guild and later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is a firm supporter of law and order, and is opposed to all forms of criminal activities, and has dedicated much of his time to the destruction and castigation of the organisation known as "The Dark Sphere."

Current Affairs

After leading The Shining Strand, along with his two female colleagues High Priest Lini Richfield (The successor of High Priest Zylo, after his death at the hands of The Dark Sphere) and Alyssya Reese, along with the support of Prince Seiken Trollbane. He also maintained his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and his exceptional interest and knowledge of The Twisting Nether.

January 2007: Tiberio, using the Sight, saw his mother's death before his very own eyes; the Army of Lordaeron had ordered her assassination as she posed an apparent threat to Lordaeron's foreign policy, as she supported the High Elves when faced with the xenophobia and racism of the humans. After this, the corruption of the world around him became more and more apparent. The Shining Strand, Stormwind Council, and Alliance as a whole was inherently corrupt. Tiberio sacrificed himself in order to banish the dark and potentially catastrophic energies released from the Dark Sphere by Prince Seiken Trollbane when he smashed it, despite warnings by Tiberio that it should not be done.

Having been betrayed by nearly everyone he knew, Tiberio was ressurected shortly afterwards by the people he least expected; the leaders of the reformed Sphere - The Netherdawn Empire. Noone knows of Tiberio's ressurection except the special few who ressurected him atop the Rise of the Defiler in the Blasted Lands. Tiberio's grave remains apparently untampered with on the beach north of Dalaran. Tiberio now acts as an undercover Templar (Leader) of The Netherdawn Empire, guiding the Empire by giving advice to the Emporer himself.

Tiberio Dawnspeaker has mysteriously vanished from The Outlands and has not been seen since activity near the Black Temple increased. Some rumours indicate that he may be collaborating with the Lord of Outland himself, others state that he has been captured.

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