Tim Al'Rhash
Guild Old Lordaeron
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Faction Horde

A Forsaken Warlock, currently Patriarch of The Old Lordaeron.


Tim Al'Rhash, lineage unknown, was one of the many novices in Dalaran when the betrayer Arthas Menethil began leading the Scourge in its rampage through Lordaeron. Naievly curious as he was, he requested to be in the forefront of battle, to which his superiors gladly agreed. In his naievety he had on numerous occasions asked the wrong questions.

In the town of Ambermill, working as a healer, he died by means of a well-aimed shadowbolt. Even his last thoughts were pondering how these kind of magics could be handled so easily.

In service of the Scourge, he was one of the sorcerers that assaulted Sylvanas' forces at the Undercity. There, the grasp of the Lichking was lifted from him, and only through sheer luck, he managed to escape obliteration both by the Scourge forces and the human forces present.

When brought before the Banshee Queen, he expessed his thanks by putting himself and his regained soul in complete servitude of the Dark Lady.

Dealing with demons

Timrashal sometimes seems changed little from the naieve Tim Al'Rhash he was before. At other times however, he seems to be influenced by the demons he controls. Most notably his imp, Yazbis, seems to have an unhealthy sway over him at times. The name Soulblighted he chose for himself when set on the path of the Warlock seems to have been an omen.

Whispers in the apothecarium suggest he even did sacrifice friends, both from his previous life, as well from his current life to some of his demons, in exchange for their loyal servitude.

The Old Lordaeron

A loyal follower of Sylvanas, it was only logical Timrashal would end up joining The Old Lordaeron, and climbing in a relatively short time to the upper echelons of the organisation.

What no one did expect however, was that he was appointed as the next Patriarch by Zargoth when he left. Now faced with leading an already strong organization, Timrashal chooses to consolidate on Lordaerons power. Instead of conquest, internal strengthening is preferred. This is mainly done by closing the gap between the members and the leaders, making the organization again one solid body.

Outside References

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