Tiram Sunnymoon
Guild Thieves Guild
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Faction Alliance

General Information

  • Name: Tiram Sunnymoon
  • Alignment: Nautral
  • Age: 92
  • Place of Birth: Gnomeregan
  • Professions: Enchanting and Mining
  • Languages: Gnomish and Common


  • Guild Master of the Thieves Guild
  • Elder of the Guild of Thieves


Tiram Sunnymoon was born and raised in Gnomeregan. His father Duran was a respected innkeeper in the center of the gnomish town. Tiram was always interested in this work, but his older brother Bombadur was thinking otherwise. Bombadur was never a businiss man, he would never take over the tavern but he liked to be out with the gnomish outcasts and bandits. Tiram was also dragged into this sociaty.

Duran was quite frustrated with his two and only sons, none of them was interested in the tavern, and he was old and could not work. But he saw progress in his sons. He saw that they was much like his own father Thumir who was a ranger who lived with the dwarfs. He told his sons about their grandfather, and their heritage. Tiram was now convinsted that stealing, stealthing and a couple of backstabbs was regular. After awhile Bombadur and Tiram got a task from the headleader of the bandits, they were sent to Kharanos, to steal some fine thunderbrew ale. And so they did, their first journey.. But when they were gone the worst thing happened.


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