Guild Legends of Honor
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Faction Defias Gang



Early Life

Born of unknown parents, was abandoned at a small age in Westfall. With no choice in the matter he looked to the Diffias Gang. There he became a successful rouge was so for some time until he turned on them with the arrival of Mathusala to Westfall and the coming of his finding the assassination records for his family. He couldn't find out their first names for only the last name, Skaldo, was legible. After crushing the slayers of his family he went on to learn the ways of the light under Mathusala.

Military Service

Toggalf, after his training under Mathusala, went and joined the army. In the army he met (and saved) the famous Hood, who he helped become the Alliance General. Togglaf engaged in many assaults against the Horde most of the time behind the lines, as he never forgot how to be as stealthy as a rogue. After his service against the Horde he went on to be commissioned fight demons in the Outlands for some time, until, one day, in the midst of a skirmish between his company and some stragglers in Hellfire Peninsula, a sudden darkness consumed all but him. Out of this darkness came the Dreadlord Mal' Ganis... .

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