This page is collection of information on the visions Tristam Galahand had during his exile.

The Visions

Extracts from Tristam's journal, found in the chapel he lived in after he abandoned the Scourge and the Ebon Blade.

October, year 32

"My children still visit me whenever I close my eyes, but last night my dreams were unlike anything that have haunted me before. In a dark tomb stood two figures, shadowed and anonymous. One was clearly a bandit or a rogue, wielding my sword - Galardell. And his enemy was a huge dark knight, standing tall above him. But what is of more interest to me is the blinding vortex that sat in the center of the tomb. Sunrise stripped me of any meaning it may of held.

November, year 32

"That dream, or vision, haunted me every night up until last night. It was different. The bandit lay dead in the tomb as the knight prized Galardell from him. The knight went onwards, leading a band of knights to pillage and destroy every settlement in their path.. The burning towns, the screaming children and wives, the falling soldiers and heroes.. I must prevent this. I doubt these visions will stop haunting my every sleep until I do something about it.
I leave my journal here in the chapel as a reminder of my cause, should I fall.

For the holy light and the Grand Alliance.

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