Tunril Sandmane
Guild Unguilded
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Class Warrior
Faction Horde

Tunril was an old Taruen who stood by his friends in the Mistrunner Tribe and fought feircly to protect his land. However recently, he was swallowed by a strange entity known only as The Void worshiped by the Cult of the Void and is assumed never to return.

Last of the Sandmane Tribe

Tunril came from a tribe known as the Sandmane who originated from the south Tanaris desert. When he was young, in the early days of the Third War, he was split apart from his tribe and left to fight the demons in the name of the Horde. However, he has never found the people of his tribe again, although in recent years in an exploration expidition lead by Yoma he found the abandond camp of his people on the most southen tip of the continent. This lead him to beleive what he had feird for a long time.

Since he joined the Mistrunner Tribe, he gained the nickname Stoneback due to his unflincing resolve.

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