Full Name: Tygore Treebender
In-Game Name: Tygore
Nickname: Ty

Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy

Age: 14
Gender: Male

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Height: 7'6
Physical Impairment:
Mode of Speech:

Fears: Kodos
Odd Quirks:
Special Talents:

Friends and Family:


Hook: Tygore is a lost Tauren who knows nothing but his name and how to care for nature.

History/Background: Doesn’t remember anything about his past, all he remembers is his name and age. He was found in a cave all scratched up and hurt, almost as if he was run over by a Kodo. A hunter going to his normal spot found him while he was taking a food break. When the hunter brought him back, a shaman woke him and started questioning him. All they got was his name is Tygore Treebender and he is twelve years old. Once they healed him up they tried to restore his memory by using the one clue they had, a Kodo footprint on his back. They took him to the outskirts of Thunder Bluff, where there was a great herd of Kodo. As soon as Tygore saw the Kodo, he froze in place. The Kodo started to chase after him and wouldn’t stop until he was back at Thunder Bluff.

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