Burgrsch Demonvoice

aka Erik Fallgren

  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on March 11
  • I am Male

Burg in demonform

If life is pain then why is it we love our own existans so much?

About Burg (the player)

In Game Info

I have been a WoW player from the day it was release 2004... Or when ever it was. I have played on and off from that date. At first at a PvE realm not understading that it was not realy for RPers. Now I play on RP realms only and I love it (exept Goldshire)

IRL Info


I was born in 1983, the 3th of march at 06:30

Civil status

Married (I know what your thinking, but no I did not have to chose betwen her and the game... Tho she would win if she made me)



Birth Town


Home town



Me, wife and two cats

My take on the Lore

Tho shall not question Blizz!

This I treuly belive and live by when it comes to lore. If they think gnomes are a race that sould existe then fine... I'll just have to kill everyone I see no big deal.

If they give us Night Elf mages great! Humen hunter, ok! Dwarf shamans, sure why not! Undead hunter a... wait... Undead hunters? What the <beep>?!


First of I love the fact that WoW exists in book form! I think that the fact that Thralls adventures was made in to the book "Lord of the Clans" was the gretest thing in WoW lore history!

I'll list me two most loved authors and the one whom I think sould never be allowed to make a WoW book on his own ever again! This are of corse only my own opinion..


First of is C. Golden! I feel in love whit her way of wrigthing the first time I read "Lord of the Clans" I almost cryed at many points in that great story. And reading "Rise of the Horde" and "Arthes: Rise of the Lich King" only made me love her wrighting even more! I would even go so far as to call her the Mother of WoW lore.


Then theres R. Knaak. He is great in his way but... I don't know. It's like he has to learn to know his characters every time he starts to wright. Which isn't a bad thing in itself, it can be very intresting and rewarding. And he often challenges himself to find some way out of a seamigly impossible situation. Sooo... I like him tho his no Golden.


And then thers A. Rosenberg... I just don't like him... Nuff said.

By Burg

Epic Sagas

Burgrsch Demonvoice life storys

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The Blood of Giants and Bone of Dragon

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All of my ingame Chars (exept Kealnar) at the start of my one month break 2010

In game Chars

The Blackwolf of Flames New Main

Ravenblade New second main, active in-game at the moment

Yanila and Kealnar Alts, the paladin is mine and the Hunter belongs to my wife

Jadiz My wife's main

Former Chars

Master Burgrsch Demonvoice Ex Main

Lady Erina Dreakmore Ex alt, deleted *

Rubgrsch ex alt, deleted

Ximrana ex alt, deleted *

Lore Chars

Thricartus Talbukhorn *

Veriasin Twoblades *

Drugima *

Cergias *


Gruark the Artcher *

Splictor Firehair

Nectura Wildspirit

Qh'graus Spinripper

Uligera Springheart

Arbugar Windfeet

Lester Dreakmore

Lord Markus Dreakmore

Lady Eloria Dreakmore

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