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Ambassador Driva

I'm a 28 year old female player from Sweden. I work in a data company that recovers crashed harddrives and it's my bosses fault I play WoW, although they're not on my RP server. I've been roleplaying for 11 years and did some live action role playing a couple of years back. Only reason I quit was that it was too expensive.

One of my most cherished beliefs when it comes to World of Warcraft is that everyone has their own way of playing and all should be respected. If you want to get to 80 as fast as possible and spam your gear in guild chat that's ok and if you can't be bothered to push past 20 that's ok too. One of the cool things about World of Warcraft is that it supports multiple gamestyles. There's no reason for us to bonk eachother on our noggins just because we don't agree on how to play.

Cheers from Driva!


On Darkmoon Faire (EU) (RP)

  • Driva (80 gnome warrior) - Deceased due to transfer to The Venture Co.
  • Settle (43 draenei hunter)
  • Perceiver Kikentai no Ichi, Windcaller (24 draenei shaman)
  • Joyfull (58 night elf death knight)
  • Thistlestab (6 rouge orc)

On The Venture Co. (EU) (RPPVP)

  • Driva (80 gnome warrior) - Recently transfered, pending name and background story :)
  • Aevihn Mothcage (64 night elf hunter)

On Emeriss (EU) (PvP)

  • Bonka (80 troll warrior)
  • Gall (59 undead death knight)
  • Foxcat (23 blelf hunter)

My blogs

All of these are inactive since I left Darkmoon Faire.

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