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Most bloggers are writers. I am not even going to pretend I am a writer, or have a background in writing. I am a musician, an artist, and a poet. Writing blogs takes a great deal of effort and time, but I love the world that Blizzard created in World of Warcraft so much that I try to share it with everyone.

I started playing WOW as my beloved druid, “Stardancer,” and have since earned the nickname, “Star.” Stardancer’s Off the Beaten Path started with a simple email to the Epic Dolls Podcast as I was a huge fan of Leala Turkey. I submitted information about a ton of places, zones, and quests that are often overlooked by people who play inside World of Warcraft. This world is truly a fascinating place with amazing spots all over. These are places that the WOW designers and developers took the time to create. In my opinion, all of it is worth seeing and exploring.

To make a long story short, Leala asked me to record my own segments for the Podcast on the very topics I had submitted. I wound up extending the information into an audio segment called, Off the Beaten Path: Sightseeing Guides, Interesting and Unusual Quests, and a few Role-Playing Tips Too (the original site is here: Off the Beaten Path at Blogspot.) I wrote and submitted audio segments for over a year and loved every minute. Leala went on to focus her energies into other things and I am sincerely grateful for my time with her and the other Epic Dolls. There was this other little venture that was written by Harper (aka Pyrus/Larisan) that I did the sound for, it was an audio drama series (like the old radio shows) called The Robinsuuns. Check it out if you have time.

The subjects of Off the Beaten Path didn’t go away though. Together with Brent (aka Sullivan) of rpmadesimple.ogr and Richard (aka Tharion Greyseer) of, and including Michael/Anansi, Mox/Kormok, Matt/Taldarion, and Ria/Arcania/Lannia we have all continued on by gathering together role-players, writers, artists, and game-developers to talk about stories, lore, and role play; all that other fascinating MMORPG related stuff that doesn’t usually get talked about in Podcasts. Together we launched a podcast and site called Hearthstone Tavern Role Play Podcast

Hearthstone Tavern Role Play Podcast The podcast was originally meant as something of a hobby. However, we have found that there are lots of other creative people who game — people who also read the books, graphic novels, play D&D, role-play, write stories, design games, paint, compose, and so on who all love World of Warcraft too.

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